Im doing an exchange term in italy. A girl joine our group, we went to a club. After dancing with her she wanted to build comfort with me and asked me if i wanne go to a place where we can talk. Before dancing she showed me with a very cute look that i should follow her, i resisted which was the winning move. However the talk was really good and we were on one wavelength. The asked me for my number then for a date. We met in a bar did kino, arm in arm and so on. She told me she went to italy cause of his exboyfriend, after breaking 5 year relationship. Then she felt tired and everybody went home, we wanted to meet next day for a trip, with one of her friends. She told me the friend is sick lets go alone. During both days she worked actually more for me then i did for her. She acted extremly interested i was leaning back. Then we wanted to go the same day in a club with some friends, i planned to close it here. The friends fucked up i asked if we wanne go alone, but late, she was tired. She wanted to come to my place some days later to drink some wine with me. Then she apologized and telling me that her exboyfriend came today for a suprise visit and that her sister gonna come the next days. From here on things started to change. She told me she wanne tell me when she is free again and that she did not know how to handle it. O told her to relax and hear on your feelings. She said you are cool and i didnt here anything for ten days. I wrote a message she told me sister left yesterday. Then i couldnt see her cause i was on a 3 day trip she couldnt see me then cause she went on a 7 day trip to florence and told me we met each other at a bad time in her life, and that 2015 was a bad year. From Florence quickly to germany. Any friend died. But she stayed longer in germany then she planed i didnt want to wait for her so i went to lissbon to check the community here. After arriving in lisbon she didnt answerd on my message. But we texted a lot before. She told me im special, i told her same and so on. Today i understand why she didnt reply my message: I asked her if she still wanne meet me, when i am back. She said she is again together with her ex but if I still wanne do something, we can. You think i have still chances? There was never a doubt what i want.