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    Default Friendzone: Asking her what I did wrong to improve next time

    Hi guys,

    So basically I was interessed in this HB9 that has 20 or 30 guys interested and texting her. She is kinda out of range for me and she friendzoned me some months ago (at that time she started describing her dream guy that would be the opposite of me, saying in a nice way that I was a really good friend and no chance of being more than that..and other things just to make it clear before I tried anything..)

    I got away a little bit and stop seeing her for a while and then tried again my luck and went out to a date (dinner) with her. I thought that it would be a date but after 10 minutes I realised that this was not a "date" for her, it was just her having a nice conversation with a friend. I then started feeling a little bit frustrated and things didn't go out as planned. Game over, we are just friends.

    Now my question: Since she is my "friend" now, and she has 2 or 3 dates per week with guys trying their luck and paying her things, should I ask her in a nice way, what she thinks I did wrong in our date and pointing out my mistakes, so I can improve my game in the future with other girls, or would that be creepy and stupid?

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    Default Re: Friendzone: Asking her what I did wrong to improve next time

    Sounds like a sure way to dig a bigger hole. Don't ask her, I am sure you can figure that out on your own on your own time. Embrace the friendship, if she invites you on a girls night, you can game her friends. Nothing wrong with having a hot girl "friend". View it as a positive. Usually, I don't ask women what I did wrong, because most of the time the information is opposite of what you should be doing. Read stickies on here man, do a little studying and get back out in the field. I am sure you will find what you did wrong when you read advice from the seasoned players that frequent the forums here.

    For example, one woman, age of 27, kept trying to manipulate the way we dated. Very stubborn woman. She talked about how guys payed for her parking tickets, took her out to dinner, did all these things for her, even talked about how some dude came over just to eat her out. Ridiculous. She tried placing that little frame on me, telling me I should do these things. I knew what she was doing. Hell no. I gamed her like the rest, and she fell like the rest.

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