Hi Guys

When it comes to social game this happens often:
You game a girl , there is lots of IOIs and stuff , chemistry going on clearly from both sides but lets say it does not end up with you scoring cause of some things than can go wrong (shit happens).

Now in a social context lets say you will run into this girl from time to time (maybe in bars, other friends, dance lessons, group outings etc; Maybe once a week to maybe once a month).

Do you guys think there is still a possibility for the guy to have a shot at such cases later on in time. If yes how do u think he should behave till this happens ? Do we keep the flirtatious vibe alive or just play nice but aloof ? This is to avoid getting into the friend zone (so that maybe in the future u can get a shot) but possibly at the same time use the girls and having them around as contacts as social

what do u guys think ?