This forum is amazing. It's truly been a great tool for me to help my online game past couple days. I need some help on what my next step should be - ph close and date, or keep messaging.

I started chatting wit a girl via coffe meets bagel since yesterday. We have seen each other at common events sev times here/there and both know each other by face so not total strangers at all and even introduced once maybe while back. Here is th email exchange so far...I have yet to reply to her last msg. Need help on that reply too. Thx

ME:heyxxx , nice to e-meet ya
her:hi xxx nice to e-meet you also How is your week going. Did you do anything over the long weekend.
me(from the forum):great, just bit of an adjustment after extra day off. Weekend include: learning Cantonese, building a time machine, and relaxing.Realized I probably won't accomplish all of those, so I'll just stick with the relaxing part.hahah...How was your long weekend ?
her: Hahaha! Let me know when you plan on working on the time machine again. I have a few thoughts on how to make it work.The long wknd was good! Spent Sunday and Monday out in Xxx with friends and volunteered at a homeless shelter on Sunday evening in SF. It's def hard to be back in the office after a fun long wknd.

need help on what to reply to her ? I am pretty confident if I ask her out, she will say yes but don't want to come across needy by asking too soon... Or does it even matter ?