Sorry if this is a long post but I want to give as much information on this because I believe is a unique situation and I fucked up on many different levels...

So I gave this girl my number 3 months back. We went on a date a few days later and pretty much clicked straight away. On this date she told me she had seen me around on many occassions and had a crush on me for a while. On this first date she told me she was moving away, of course at the time I didn't give a shit because I didn't know her so we agreed to see each other and just see how it goes...

So we continue going on dates, pretty much texting non stop, I run every routine, pattern , funny story I know, stayed over her place a few times and everything was going well. She would make jokes about me moving with her and us getting married and I would just laugh it off.

So everything is good two months in...then (now I will tell you the many ways I messed it up). So No1. I became quite attached to this girl but I wanted to be in control of the relationship and wanted her to be more attached then I was. My idea was that she was only seeing this as a short term thing so I wanted her to start thinking possbily there was a future, we could visit each other etc. Which she did, but as I played along with this story I started to believe it myself. Eventually we got to a really intense stage of the relationship, we were saying I love you. I know this messed up her head and caused her a lot of stressed because she was torn between me and leaving and she got depressed for a few days and had aniexty. So anyway I then booked a trip to see her a month after she leaves.

It is at this point im not 100% sure what happened. I tried to mix it up by pushing and pulling. But when I pulled back, she pulled back even more which messed my frame up, so I tried to push again and I think I was too emotional. Texts got further apart, we saw each other less and less. Then she hit me with - I like you but lately I have been thinking more about leaving then thinking about you, but I still like you and we can see see how it goes until I leave but I dont know if its a good idea you coming to visit me.

Oh and by this point we haven't had sex for awhile either, she says she doesn't feel sexual lately with all the stress of our relationship and organising leaving. I didn't let this affect me and right away I told her my feelings for her have decreased lately (lie) and my hot ex who she is jealous of has been in contact with me. This had effect and seemed to hurt her, she didn't do a 180 but got her attention the texts and dates are a little more like the start but still I sense she isn't 100% interested.

So in an ideal world and if I had a good game I would like her to stay and not move away but this isn't going to happen, so 2nd best option I would like to try and carry on and bang her as much as possible until she leaves and then have her as a hook up for whenever she comes back to visit. Or at least gain some control, I feel lost. Any ideas on how I can make this happen? She only has a month left here so its difficult to freeze her out for a while. Or should I just forget about it and move on?

Sidenote - She is a bit of free spirit. She said from the start she is a bit of a loner even though she has friends but likes her space and time to herself. I'm just so used to banging a girl and then have her chasing me. I know at the moment I have oneitis but I really don't feel like banging any of my back ups. And yes I know I shouldn't have been emotional with her. I feel I treated her differently because we only had a limited time together and I did quite like her. One last thing... the way I kinda saw her losing interest was that when I pulled away it caused her a lot of stress along with the thought of having to leave and she kinda just thought fuck it, I give up, i dont know..?

Im hoping you guys can come up with some magic to help me or give me a reality check or even just your opinions. Thanks