Ive been gaming this girl on and off for over four month now. During the time ive been gaming other girls but this one in particular i havent had any success with but sadly the one im most attracted to personality wise.

In the beginning you could say there was alot of attraction but as time went on it seemed to have died away. She use to snap me or text me random stuff everyday but not so much now. We have never gotten physical even though i tried. Each time she seem to pull away like she wasnt comfortable with it. But when we go party or hang out at the club she didnt seem to mind as long as it wasnt a erogenous area. My friend said she thought the girl just didnt want to appear easy. Either way as time went on i lost interest and stopped texting her or asking her to hang. However last week she reinitiated contact and i decided to go along with it.

We hung out a few times but i was busy with work and family stuff so didnt have anytime to hang longer than a hour or so. Eventually one day she asked if i could take her to the airport cause she wanted to go on a vacation and visit a female friend of hers that just had a baby before summer class. I messed around and said yes if u buy me a ticket and take me too. She immediately invited me along and wanted me to go. I thought she was joking around so i wasnt taking it serious. Long story short i ended up going since i had already scheduled a week vacation prior month.

Initially she was going to stay with her friend and i was going to get a hotel but eventually she decided she would rather stay in hotel with me which was surpsing to me cause the few time i tried to get her to stay over before she always said she wasnt comfortable. We had planned to go hang around SF during the day and visit her friend at night but we ended up just hanging out with us 2 through the whole trip. We flirted back and forth through out almost the whole trip and only saw her friend for a few hours. I felt like we got pretty close this trip and Eventually i felt like i was getting the girl friend vibe from her. She was always asking if i was ok, what i was looking on my phone, why i was doing that and this, and eventually started nagging me like dont eat too much etc etc. At nights i would try to get physical with her but she still wasnt comfortable with the erogenous areas, which i think is because she was on her period.

Near the end of the vacation i had to leave early for work and she stayed behind with her friend. She kept begging me to call in sick and spend the rest of the time but i told her works work cant miss it. so the night before i flew out i decided to just tell her how i feel cause i felt like this shit dragged on long enough. I basically asked here where we stand and she said what do you think and she is use to or enjoy being single. And asked can we speak about this latter and could we go to bed.

I took it all as not interested and just said fuck it. The next say i flew back home and we had a brief exchange of text if she checked out of hotel ok cause hotel was under my name and if i got home safely but we havent talked since then. Which was 2 days ago. I know i should probably move on but usually a simple rejection like this wouldnt affect me but she got in my head. Perhaps its just me wanting what i cant have.

My question is should i just move on or is there a way to salvage this? I genuinely felt there was something there during the trip but perhaps i blew it but admitting how i felt.