I am 18 y.o. (English is my second language, sorry for mistakes).

There is this girl... One of the prettiest in our school. She was showing more interest in me than I was showing to her. We went out for a bowling (3-4 hours), we were laughing, touching, three times kissing.

The same night we texted about how we both enjoyed it. + We have same friend (girl), which stopped talking to both of us. We have realised, she is in love to me and she is jealous now.

Next day we texted again and I told her I am going to b-day party. At 15 oīclock I stopped responding to her texts. One of my friend took a group photo from the party and uploaded it on FB. I was the worst looking one on the photo... I wanted to save it so I posted another photo to Snapchat (me and 2 girls enjoying the party).

I was really enjoying the party and people were happy around me. The prettiest girl on the party came for me and we went to my car. I didnīt want to have sex or anything with her, we just flirted and took photo how she "drive" my car and uploaded it to Snapchat. The girl from the bowling saw all the photos.

The next morning I texted her that I think of her. She asked just "Why?" After a few more messages I told her I would like to see her and she told me something like "Sometimes we will talk about when we will go out. Today I go to party and the next weekend (right now) I will be with my father 200 km far away"

It was strange. The next day she posted the photo on Snapchat, that she enjoyed the party so much. She texted me in the sunday evening, but the replies were strange. My friend told me she was kissing other man at the party, she dates him and that she is in love with him. (I know she was in love to him before 6 months)

I send her sort of goodbye message. She sent me 4 messeges asking me why, but I didnīt reply. We met at school the next day and she was just ironically laughing behind my back. She told to our friend she donīt care I stopped talking to her. So I started ignoring her, she saw me having great times with the "Cool kids" from our school and talking with pretty girls + she probably know I am dating the pretty girl from the b-day party (not true, haha)

P.S. I am average looking, but I have best car on our school + i will have a "party" house pretty soon. I believe I donīt seem to be needy (for example when we text, sometimes I donīt respond for hours and sometimes I respond in minute and so on...)

What did I do wrong? How can I get her? Thank you!