Hi guys,
I directly approached a very tall Belgian girl at night in a quiet street. I did not expect my approach to work but surprisingly it worked very well! I had 5 minutes of conversation with her and she said she was going to a birthday party which was close to my house so I offered her a lift and so we had another ten minutes of convo while I was driving. I also got her to save her number in my phone and call herself to have my number, which she did!

When I dropped her off I suggested to meet up for a coffee/drink and she said sure. But then she said "Tomorrow I will see friends, next week I have things to do, maybe next weekend...but no I have things to do on the next weekend...maybe the week after that".

i understand that people might have things to do but based on my experience if a woman is interested she will make any effort to meet me. So does it seem to you that she was just trying to be nice and avoid a date, or it's just e being paranoid?!

Also, I was told in this forum that I have to text the HB within a couple of hours but in such a case that the HB will be in a bar and busy with the birthday party stuff do you still suggest that I text her or should I wait till next day?