Hi all,

Met this girl who I gamed during the day whilst she was shopping a few weeks ago. It was actually my best day game result ever, we went for a coffee after talking and I actually made out with her during the coffee.

I messaged her over the few weeks in an attempt to meet up, but she was generally unresponsive surprisingly, though partly due to being extremely busy with work which requires her to work very long hours and travel frequently. Then out of the blue I message her about meeting up and she is far more responsive but she is away for the week. I then message her on Saturday about meeting up, and it turns out the best time for her to meet up would be that night, so I go ahead and agree to it.

Saturday evening we meet up and I take her to this really nice rooftop bar here in London, but as we're sitting opposite it was impossible for me to make a move and kiss her. After around 2 hours, I suggest leaving and going to a livelier bar which she agrees to. This bar conveniently happens to be very close to where I live. There we sit next to each other and not long after I make a move and start making out with her. Slowly but surely it starts getting more heated. We're kissing more and more and start kissing each other's neck etc. I also start feeling her breasts underneath her top (my hand is underneath another piece of her clothing though so it's not entirely conspicuous). Me thinking this is a certainty, I ask her twice (roughly 20 min apart) if she wants to come back for a drink in my flat, but oddly enough she refuses on both occasions. A bit later we leave and as my flat is literally round the corner, I manage to get her to the outside. She won't come in and is about to uber a taxi. As it's cold I tell her to wait with me in the hallway of the block of flats where I live. In the hallway, I start making out with her more and more, to the point where I'm kissing her neck and actually make my way down to her breasts and also finger her. She then (with some assistance from me) puts her hand down my trousers and starts to rub me. This carries on for a few minutes but then she stops and sits down. She orders her taxi and we wait together with me still feeling her occasionally. After that, the taxi arrives and we say goodbye.

I text her the following day with a polite "hope u got home ok" text to which she responds, then text her today saying we should meet up again before I go away next week. To my slight surprise, she texts me back saying she doesn't think our personalities will get on and that she is not looking for fun. In hindsight I may have been too forward but I'm genuinely surprised by her comment about not getting on, as on both occasions we met we talked for ages and got on well.

How can a girl do all that stuff and then say she is not looking for fun?

Also, what should I have done to have avoided this situation? Perhaps, not been so forward and not done all that stuff in the hallway with her?

Any ideas how to rescue it possibly?