Hey, I'm Alergy and before you start reading any of this, I want to say that this is sort of my CV to looking for an expert who would be willing to coach me in the art of PU.

I'm still very new to all this, yet I decided that I want to make a big change in my life and go from a newbie to a PUA. I'm not very aware of all the short terms that most of you guys use in this site, but judging from your stories and some of your advice - you clearly know what you're doing, at least better than me. So if there's any expert out there who'd be willing to give me a hand and guide me through some of the basics that I need to get started with, I'd be forever grateful.

So about me - I usually go out at day time, struggle with AA and flying solo, I have some experience, I'm not an overall plutonic guy with my female friends, I've even been told that even by them, I'm a pretty average looking guy, had some success with women, even with a girl I was seeing that had a boyfriend at the time (which I ruined later on due to my lack of experience). I don't get very nervous being around girls but when it comes to meeting someone new directly and not by accident or by mutual friends, I get anxiety and usually end up not even approaching, and beating my self up after the opportunity already has passed me. I tell my self the same bullshit story that I shouldn't even be looking at other women because I still have some feelings left for the girl I last dated and whatever other excuses that pop in my head when it's GO TIME. If you're an expert, then you should know what I'm going through and should also have a cure to fix some of the problems that I'm facing and of course, most importantly improving my game.

So, if there's some PUA professional who has the free time to talk to me and tell me the errors of my ways and also making me "homework" to do to improve my self in all areas, be sure to leave a comment or to give a message.

With all due respect, Alergy.