With all the fake FB relationships these days and all the flaky numbers I am beginning to wonder.....

Frequent blocking
Rampant hooking up
Serious Relationships being flaunted all around
Hoover dudes never going away
Ex-GF's never giving up
Creepers never losing hope

Beginning to wonder, especially those 10's though!

I've been so casual lately
So damn casual like freakishly casual.

Chicks don't dig chill dudes.

Looking back it seems the obsessions I've had when handled properly went somewhere or the ones that had obsessions with me and I allowed in.

It all comes down to obsession so it looks like casual, non-chalant, long game, and such is not going to cut it anymore.

Chicks are falling off the map

Acting like they love me then I ignore them for a couple weeks and boom they are like rabbits out there going after the first thing in sight.

So I hate to say this but I guess it is time to be needy again, be obsessed again, be rejected again.

I have figured out how to get in chick's good graces and keep my closing rate 100% without rejection and slowly they just drift away and poof gone.

I would rather be rejected up front or accepted since I have more of a shot that way so I guess it is time to start getting b!tched at again, taking chances again, making big plays, and risky moves.

By being a nice guy I can woo a girl but not grab her attention so it's time to go back to being a needy little b!tch within reason since I have been hunting just for sport and the girls are sensing this.

Time to let them play with my emotions I guess.

On that note sent the stripper a FB relationship request in a ploy to begin this road. I know this is a very risky move since I never dated the female but damn it's time to start being rejected again! I hate talking to a wall of nothing, no more! I will be heard!

PS. the Stripper will be pissed and probably flame me then block me but I have to start this journey sometime. By sending all these "unneedy" texts as in 1 text or 1 call a day 1-3 weeks apart to not appear needing I have been screwing myself. Damn women just women me to blow their sh!t up so it's time to blow it up. And damn they only respond when I talk about how much I love them so yeah you guessed it....

Time to write the Stripper a love letter. FVCK

Trust me playing it cool has gotten me back to no man's land of not getting anywhere. So time to change it up.

In other words I am great at creating a nice even spread but not a hard buy-in. I am good at keeping the intrigue and suspicion going but it is getting old when all I have is my creeper snapchatting me everyday clearly I fvcked up somewhere.

So I am in heat and it's game on.

The 10's I have met lately are so fvcking scared that's my impression. Probably cuz all that attraction and no where to go with it. As in I am not building comfort by being a regular Jack. Well I am back to being a Regular Jack.