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Thread: game makes you more happy? how to be imune to feelings?

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    Default game makes you more happy? how to be imune to feelings?

    So I really need an help with these 2 questions that popped in my head..
    Question #1.

    Since I started being more interested in women and worked on my game since then (about 2 months ago) I gained a lot of confidence, left my comfort zone, almost all of my life's aspects improved and I generally became more happy. But yet, I noticed that I haven't been doing anything to improve my game in the last week and I to hit a little rut, I felt it yesterday as well as today, and I was not only in a bad mood (which is a very rare thing for me lately), but I also started thinking more pessimistic thoughts, felt as if I missed some of the women in my life.. but then, me and my friend went to a store to buy some cigs, and the cashier was really friendly so I chatted with her for a while, she had a really big smile on her face, wished her a good day and left (I didn't close because she was about 5 years older than me), and as I left I felt energized and in a good mood for an hour or so, yet I still came back to the rut.. So I started thinking, that when I don't do anything for self-improvement (in this case my improving my game) I tend to be in a bad mood, that's all fine and dandy, I love improving in all aspects of my life and I love interacting with women, but do you think it's crucial to improve your game once you've started to not go back to your old ways of lacking self confidence and being with low energy (in a bad mood)?

    Question #2.

    I tend to be the type of person that catches feelings for someone quite easily and I want your opinions on how to fight this, because the only thing I want at the moment is to improve my game, not to get a long-term girlfriend, pretty strange because I used to think the exact opposite a couple of months ago. There are some cases where I don't catch feelings for the person even though I feel attraction, that's great, I want to be able to control that 100% of the time, because the last thing I need is unnecessary thoughts about some girl when I'm out dating others, for that would only harm my game and of course that girls feelings. I don't want to be a stone cold hearted beast, but at least for a while be able not to catch feelings for anyone no matter how cool they are, so, I know that there are people out there who can get there ex'es or overall any girl out of there mind in a snap and I'd be more than thankful if you shared your techniques on doing it, because for some people it's not a natural thing to do.

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    Default Re: game makes you more happy? how to be imune to feelings?

    Dear PUA Alergy,

    Yeah I suppose it will make you more happy in the long run. As opposed to being a natural and settling for the first thing that comes your way then yeah sure it is pretty profitable.

    I have already reached that point where my feelings are removed from the situations and I can be unbiased in my perceptions of these interactions.

    My Club game hit an ultimate level so I switched to the Bar
    My Bar game has hit an ultimate level so I am focused on Daygame
    My last Daygame approach was a MILF at a Amusement Park

    Happier? Yes because whether it is the Bar, Club, Amusement Park, Holiday Event, Concert, etc. I can do the things I enjoy enhanced with the practice of approaching hot women, I was surprised how easy it was at the Amusement Park.

    The target welcomed me to stay with her as long as I wanted and the Bar approaches usually are short lived in favor of dancing, bathroom excuse or other guys. So for sure less stimulation in the Daytime is very rewarding.

    It is insane how less complicated the Daygame approach really worked. The MILF needed help and people just plain don't need help at the Bars unless they want free drinks. This MILF wanted help finding her 3 kids and I obliged. Funny enough no strange looks from outsiders in fact it felt perfectly natural. However I did notice the Oh Sh!t grin from chicks who saw me earlier now hanging on the arm of new said hottie.

    I regrettably failed pretty horribly at the Club Social Proof thing and the Bartenders pretty much despise me. So I lost a lot of value but branched out and became so much so of a social butterfly. Now approaching for me is so natural I do it at Bars, Clubs, Amusement Parks, Holiday Events, Concerts, etc. I visit the "high end" social gatherings for targeting prime target rich areas.

    Has it made me happier yes and no. There has been a lot of heartache. Girls hate when you are a player and will make you eat dirt. Especially the ones you really like they make you eat sh!t. However most chicks are pretty cool some are very scandalous so you can never really trust them.

    As a man you can never ask to come into their world but bring them into yours first. By doing so you are not the needy typical guy. This is the true mark of fulfillment.

    Let me illustrate.

    Needy Guy
    Can I get to know you?
    Where are you hanging out at?
    Will you hang out with me?
    Do you like me?
    Will you go out with me?
    Can I hang out with you?
    What are you doing?
    Can I come?

    Alpha Male
    Want to come to this with me?
    Interested in doing XYZ?
    I am going here, want to join me?
    Let's go here
    Let's do this
    Would you like to do....

    It is so dang obvious when the guy is a hooverer or a leech. Needy guys, doesn't mean they can't get chicks just dang pathetic and likely only worked on that chick the one time but for dealing with high volume for a PICK UP ARTIST he needs Alpha Male traits not expecting girls to feel attraction but creating attraction. This is the amazing thing about it.

    I see it time and time again girls who have no attraction for me and I start gaming them and boom they feel it. Needy guys don't have this power. They are stuck on one chick and I see it at work all the time and makes me sick. Meanwhile I am gaming multiple chicks at work and multiple outside of work like a Boss not an AFC who is stuck with one broad after another.

    My Boss has an interest in me. The way she threw her hair around. That look in her eye. The dead stare. The golden glow. The flirtation. The chemistry. Yep she definitely has the hots for me. But it was because I can easily create attraction. I threw out just a tiny bit of interest and she just flew into a frenzy of acting all hot and bothered. So it is a conflict of interest to date my Boss no idea if I can pull it off but I would love to get to know her.

    EX GF is in love
    New GF is deeply obsessed
    Hairstylist is a creeper
    Boss is attracted

    and yet I have better things to do. I am more focused on myself and my Outer Game improvement plan than anything. Yeah I can go out to the Bar, Club, or Daygame event and pick up the hottest chick in sight but it gets old after a while when you realize you are not relationship oriented. It really sucks. My EX GF would love a relationship with me but she is never gonna get it so she looks elsewhere. Do I blame her? No. I dunno what I want by removing my feelings I can't have relationships and it sucks cuz it gave me a bad rep at the Club.

    The Bars I can kill it but after a while I am starting to want a relationship the problem is I want too many chicks right now to settle down so the new GF doesn't simply deserve me because she would sail the ocean and back is not good enough. I want someone who is perfect for me and right now these chicks are good at passing the time but not making me fall in love.

    What is it for needy guys?
    Hoover on said girl hoping they will like they and or ask them out

    What is it for Alpha Males?
    I follow my ABC's at Daygame Events, Clubs, Bars as in Always be closing due to the nature of the enviornment and possibly losing said girl I am trying to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible. That means either bouncing her, moving her, pulling her, or getting the number.

    I even gamed a chick's sister to get her hot lawyer sister's number and it worked! But I think for sure had I been Gung Ho I would have got blown out. So I know how to engage and not be a doucehbag.

    I usually N-close them on the spot. But the Hairstylist N-closed me 8 months later because I built the suspense ON PURPOSE. I didn't N-close intentionally because I knew if I got her to the point of being unable to resist me she would make it happen and she did and called me whew!

    That's the same thing I did with my Boss. I didn't N-close on purpose. Because she is in my rotation there is no need to be needy and that's the difference.

    My pre-PUA days I felt the need after feeling that first gut reaction of attraction to close. Whether work, Church, or stores this made things very awkward. Because I could never engage properly I always fell in love and had to have that girl then and there! It made things so dang weird! Now I know when, who and how to close. There is no sense of desperation. In other words I know how to approach things appropriately.
    When you let go of your feelings you can really then embrace your surroundings
    Love is a game that's why I don't worry about it anymore. When you let go of your feelings you find your meaning.

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    Default Re: game makes you more happy? how to be imune to feelings?

    Great story, at first I wasn't sure where you're going with haha, so looking at them as if you're the prize and not showing them overt attention and interest is all great advice, I tend to use it, but even though in short-terms I can brainwash my self into thinking that I don't have any feelings for the woman what so over, I don't have any techniques that I could apply in the long run..

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