Hey, so I've been working on PU more and more whether it's from my own personal experience or the material I find on the internet, and from what I've encountered so far I have a few suggestions for guys who are struggling with approach anxiety. I apologize to the people who's ideas I've stolen, I'm not putting all of them out here as my own, but just spreading the ones I think are the most helpful.

#1 So, this one can be impossible to some people if they lack playfulness, but it's a really great exercise to just high-five people you walk by, it can't be pretty stressful or not even work if you're energy level is low, but if it's high - this is really a great thing to try out, or even go out with a friend and make a challenge who can get the most high fives from girls, or even hugs. The great thing about this, is that you don't have enough time to get nervous because you're just passing them by and you put yourself in such a frame where they know that you are not sticking for long, so even if they don't like you, it's not going to be as painful because they won't have time to reject you. Again, you have to adapt a playful energy to do this thing

#2 part1 This one is probably the easiest one because it doesn't require you to do anything verbal or even too much physical like hugging or running and etc. Just as you walk by, try to hold an eye contact with a girl and smile, if she smiles back - awesome, great - an IOI, if she doesn't **** it, you didn't get rejected or anything, she just might be in a bad mood so don't get too much caught up in your head with the negative outcomes.

#2 part2 Once you get the courage to lock eyes with a girl and smile to her (not creepily of course but a playful smile), and she smiles back, say hi, the thing about the whole eye contact&smiling is that you do it as you walk by, again - you just walk by, and it doesn't matter how intimidating she may seem or how frightening the experience of smiling or saying hi was to you, once it's over, you're both walking in the different directions so you can relax because yo don't have to see her ever again.

#3 my favorite and probably the best one in my opinion - The opinion opener, you go up to a girl, or even a group of girls and ask them for an opinion, you don't have to stick around for them to give you an answer, don't force it, if you sense that they enjoy your presence and that you're relaxed - cool, stay for a minute, getting better - cool, stay for 5, getting even more better - try to get a number. Using this you can not only get getting rid-off approach anxiety but also being better at indirect approaches, the fact that you can do it step by step and walk away at any moment is a great thing. The mindset I recommend you have when doing this - don't think about closing or getting the number, the first 5-10 approaches you do this try to focus only on getting their opinion and getting the hell out of there, thinking about closing and whether or not she likes you is only going to make you more nervous and more likely to make up excuses and to approach at all. You can use anything, at first try to keep it sweet and simple as even walking up to a girl and asking if you look better with or without sunglasses, when you get the hang of it use a more more complex opinion opener that would strike-out a conversation.

#4 This may seem pretty funny and even ridiculous but I think it's also very useful - online webcam sites such as chatroulette or omegle, this may not be the most effective way to cure AA but it's definitely a helpful progression towards getting rid-off AA. You don't even know the person, hell she can be from the other side of the world and if she acts like a bitch or it just isn't successful you can just click next and boom, go to the next stranger, this can not only help you towards curing AA but also you'll have some experience in holding a conversation with a girl. One of the biggest cons about this that about 80-90% of the people that go on these sorts of online webcam sites are guys, but there are definitely females as-well, so if you're looking to trying something new, this is something I recommend for you.

So, these are the most helpful tools in my opinion in the area of getting rid-off approach anxiety, if you have anymore tips that would be useful to PUA's in training feel free to leave them in the comments below.

cheers, Alergy