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    Default Best activities to meet interesting women

    Hi guys,

    I need some advice on how to spend my free time.

    I am right now a very succesful employee of a well known company, I earn an high salary and I have lots of free time available to spend. Basically, I have now everything ready to have a happy life, I just need a woman on it too.

    At work I don't have much contact with interesting women because there aren't many there and they are all old, so I need to meet them somewhere else.

    When I go to clubs and bars I notice that women don't care much about me because my looks and my personality are not exciting enough for them. Only if they notice that I work in place X and I am successful, then they seem suddenly interested, but only for the $$$ obviously and at that time I am no longer interested because that's not the type of woman I am looking for.

    So..where do you think I can find intelligent and interesting woman that are also succesful in their lifes and are not just gold diggers? They must be somewhere, the fact is that I cannot find them in clubs neither at the gym.. I must spend my free time with other activities rather than going to bars/clubs/gym but I don't know which are the best options..

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    Default Re: Best activities to meet interesting women

    Depends on what type of woman you want to attract, what are your values and preferences and where would you find these women. I remembered a joined a yoga class a couple of years ago, not because I wanted to meet chicks, but because yoga has benefits. The class had some cute girls! I will tell you that, so it worked out in my favor.

    Hot girls are everywhere, just look for what type of scene you want to engage in. If it is goth chicks, do activities that will attract goth chicks...if it's christian women...go to bible study...etc. Bars and clubs attract hot chicks but these chicks don't really enjoy clubs and shit half the time so they get tired of that scene. Depends on what you want to attract my friend.

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