So I have this bi-sexual guy friend who invited out me out to hang out with some girlfriends' gathering.

The turnout was like me, him, and like 10+ ladies and every now and then, some guy friend would come by. Of the 10+ chicks, I wouldn't mind being with like 5 of them.

The crowd and I were almost always the center of attention. Tons of orbiters as it was like a closed circle of 10-12 the whole night. I was social with each one but I didn't voice interest to any particular one and there was some light kino and sexual eye contact involved with most.

How should I have pursued this situation? The thing is that the how can I isolate, because these girls are always together and I don't know how they may view me if I'm hitting on many of them?

I will probably see many of them again soon. They(I would say, maybe only 2 were "taken") are in the mid-30's and I'm in my late-20s.

Any insight and advice when I hang with them next time??