Hi all

A couple of years ago when i discover the pua forums my life changed . Attraction Formula , Pandoras box , The Game , Speed Seduction i mean I didnt have any difficulitis with seducing someone but this STUFF is a hole new level. The games, the excitement, the scenarios understanding of their needs , everything really have open my eyes a little that its not just to fuck her and then to fuck her off. Its about the connection and finding that special girl or maybe i have reached that phase. Well i think i did a couple of months ago
I fell in love with a perfect 10. We started very nice , it was very hot passionate we had that click it was like nothing before. But as time goes by i dont know like the spark had disapear and i dont know how to bring it back.
Am trying to make a profile on her by pandoras box but a really cant decide what is she The Playette or The Connoisseur. let me tell you a little about her
She didnt had a lot of boyfriends in the past maybe 4 or 5 almost all a couple of years older than she and all relatinship lasting over 4-5 months and now with me and i am a year younger. She is pretty good looking so she is used on guys hitting on her. She looks like , wait you must earn the sex in the next month , she is well raised and have some relligios background she is very careful with her safety but i got the sex on the second date witch doesn make sense with the previous sentences. So we started fast nice and passionate. First she wasnt shy about sex talk but now she is , her carrier choise is practical feels man and women have different roles and loves when i treat her well , with some nice bath sexy massage dinner or something else sweet i mean who doesnt right ?
i was really trying about her and she too about me but a couple of months ago she got a big important job and things started to fall apart. She is a complete different person now.She is selfish and not trying at all .Always complaining and moaning , the job took here life energy, smile and everything. She is very career focus and negled everything else , me , friends and family even the life it self. But i get it its a important job and maybe its all a phase. So with her personality changing maybe she is starting to like other stuff , like a man who also have an important job and a goals in life. Not that i dont but am still in last year college. Her ex's were all older a little with jobs and stuff and i feel like i am a kid who just fuck her good. I think she is still with me because i have potential of beening the man she likes or maybe she doesnt like to be alone i dont know.
So what do you think about this story any feedback will be welcome. Should we continue or break up something to do that can bring her like she was . I mean i dont want to end we were perfect together by character by personality by looks by everything she is(was) perfect 10 and i am 10 too ok maybe 8 an a half