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    Default Need assistance to approach traffic control - flagger girl.....

    Hey guys,

    Here is my situation. There is some evening road construction happening in my area. The crew starts at 8pm and finishes around 4-430 am??? Not sure.

    There is an amazing looking flagger (traffic control) girl working at this site. It's in my neighbourhood, so I have seen her several times.

    Last night which in Canada, July 1, is a National holiday, (Canada Day). The construction crew happened to be working.

    So last night, I grabbed a Slurpee, and went for a walk where all this construction is happening. It was probably around 1:00 am or so. (It was kind of late, cuz national holiday, lots going on) There were a few other pedestrians milling around, but it isn't like time square or anything.

    So I am walking down the side walk, and I come into her and her coworker, (another flagger girl), and I stop walking. (I am on side walk, they are in middle of road working, so kind of had to raise voice to communicate, plus some machinery in background.)

    I Ask something like "what's the construction about?"
    The girl I'm not interested in says "Water main".
    I say "How long is the job?", she replies "Long time, gonna be a few months"
    ME to HB "Are you gonna be her for the entire project?"
    HB "I don't wanna be here for too long."
    Me: "Cuz of the night shift?"
    HB "Yeah, I don't like it."
    Me: "How far down the street is the water main work?"
    HB "Down to 90th"
    (Which means this project is gonna be at least a few months long.)

    Then that was it. HB started to play with her phone. I kind of froze and stood there for what seemed like a long time, but probably like 10-15 seconds. I THOUGHT about some banter "Are you supposed to be using your phone at work"- with humour. Then I left. I walked back the same way I came.

    I went back to my car, and wrote a little note on the back of a ATM receipt, showing a deposit of $10,xxx dollars. The note said something like "You look cute in your work close ;-). Didn't want to distract you while your working. Call me 604-XXX-XXXX."

    I had planned on cruzing by and stopping and getting it to her. When I drove by, she had moved up to another location. And to be honest I kind of felt defeated, like I was wasting my time, and kind of bugging her.

    So I am asking for some advice. Not what I did or didn't do correctly. The past is gone. I want to approach again, but my inner voice is telling me "Dude, she is working, don't walk up to her at 10-11-12-1 am in the morning, it's creeper style" (although this is her shift). "Dude she probably has a BF". "Dude you already approached and she didn't show too much interest, ie. playing with her phone like "You can go now buddy."

    So that is my inner voice, but my other voice says, "She may have started with her phone cuz she thought you were cute and was nervous" "Dude, she is hot, and your type of girl as far as looks go. She does have a hot body, and hair, and she is really nice looking." "Dude, she is working, and already expressed how she doesn't like the shift, chatting with a cute guy for a bit will break up her evening"

    What is the worse that can happen. I approach, start some banter, ask for her contact, and from there it is 50/50. If you don't ask you don't get.

    But at least last night I did "Get off the couch", and go out and make an attempt. I just didn't plan a "Set", my main goal was to go and start a conversation, which I did. I just didn't get in physically close, close enough to make a real connection.

    So any input on how I can approach and open another time would be great. I have to move fast, because she mentioned she didn't like the night shift and didn't want to do it too long, she may get moved to another location, and she'll be gone.

    I had an idea, and this may work or not. Get a flower, with a short note attached, something like "I've never seen anyone pull of the PPE*** look, your at work, so shoot me a message 604-XXX-XXXX" - Easyflow.

    ***(Personal Protective Equipment-hi vis vest, helmet, etc)

    I know some of you PUAs reading that last paragraph have your palm on your forehead and shaking your head thinking "Come on Man".

    So I will stop writing now and look forward to all feedback.

    Thanks Bros!


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    Default Re: Need assistance to approach traffic control - flagger girl.....

    Hey Easyflow,

    I started the game not to long ago and you don't get what you don't ask for. The worst scenario is that you are where you are now without her number.

    I would go up say hi, say your jokes (with confidence) and genuinely ask her out, then ask how you can make that happen. She's at work so it's difficult to get her aside from her job otherwise. You can be her entertainment, and get a little familiar.

    At least asking, with a few negs and funny lighthearted jokes smushed with the (I am just having fun, don't really give two s***s), really works for me.

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    Default Re: Need assistance to approach traffic control - flagger girl.....

    With this situation you have to take a direct approach because there is little opportunity of you being able to talk with her since she is working ....... just go up to her and tell her something like" Hey, I saw you from across the street, and I thought you were cute, so I had to come over and talk to you. What’s your name?” then introduce yourself and give her your number, tell her to text you if she is interested in having a drink sometime and then make your exit ...... short, sweet, and to the point
    "The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - his Holiness the Dalai Llama of Tibet

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    Default Re: Need assistance to approach traffic control - flagger girl.....

    I think at this point you are too invested, sorry. Next time dont invest so much in any one girl.
    I am not judging you, I feel your pain, I am the same way. I keep thinking and thinking until the opportunity is gone or it's too awkward to ask any more.
    getting flowers is a terrible idea because you will be investing even more.

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