Ok.. I'm new to this asking online help but I don't know what else to do,I'm desperate ,hurting and lost.... So here it goes....my girl friend just left me 2 weeks ago... We were togather almost two years.. We were an amazing couple... You know that couple everyone is lil those to are awesome togather..that was us.... We could talk about anything.. We liked each others friends....we had the best,amazing sex.. We enjoyed the same things.. Finished each others sentences, had our own language.... I'm 31 and she's 24... Age is not a thing for me and her... We were always laughing ... We were soul mates.... Well she is in college.. 3 more years til she gets her masters... About 6 months ago I had to move 2 hours away from her... And she would go to school and come down on the weekends and it would be great... She could focus on class and I could make money... Well about a month ago she called me.. We talked then she says.. Hunny, I feel like I do the majority of the effort in the relationship... I dont know what that means really so I was just like hunny I know.. I'm working hard.. I just got a truck I gotta fix up so I can come see u and u not have to drive all the time... Well I go see her that weekend cuz she has to go to Canada for her cousins wedding for 10 days.. I send her im's everyday cuz I can't text another country she says cuz it will cost money.. So I send im's everyday so when she gets home... She will know how much I miss her... Well when she gets back... I notice 5 missed calls from her... I call her back,excited... She goes... We got to talk... I knew... I dont know how.. But I knew... She broke up with me over the phone and sounded very cold.. Like I was talking to a robot... She was at her friends.... I couldn't sleep that night... I took off work.. Drive two hours to her house to try to save us... I got her a card and flowers (not roses,she hates roses).... I knock on the door... She opens it... And looks ... I guess scared and confused... I go can we talk... She goes about what... I say us... She goes there's nothing to talk about... Bare with me readers it was a 3 hour talk.... We sit down on the porch right next to each other... I'm starting to cry as we are talking... And so is she... I'm like why can't we fix it... Dont just throw us away..she says I'm done... She says I need some water do u want some water... She comes back out... I go water fixes everything huh.. We both start laughing.. (inside joke)... So goes its hot out here, do u want to go inside.. Just to talk though... I go.. Sweety, I didn't come all this way to fk you.. I came cuz I love you and want to fix this... So we go sit at the table.. Next to each other holding hands...caressing each others hand...I tell her.. Stop crying hunny, I hate it when u cry... She says I hate it when u cry,u never cry... I tell her I'm srry, she says stop apologizing, I'm the one who should be saying I'm srry to u for hurting u.. I ask what's wrong why are u doing this...she said.. Her highlight use to be coming to see me.. But she slowly forgot about me.. Forgetting to call.. Not careing about coming to see me...i said I thought u were just busy... She says I'm unhappy with the relationship and something is missing between us.... Why didn't u say something so we could fix it.. She said she did... She feels like she puts in all the effort... I go was I that bad... She crys.. And goes oh no! You did nothing wrong, your the best boyfriend I ever had.. I don't regret a second of us... We hugg and cry and each others shoulder.....we do the fb break up right next to each other... She goes now what in a confused may.. Do we delete each other from fb and numbers... I go dont be mean... She crys and says I'm so sorry I didn't mean for that to sound cold I just think it will be easier for us if I don't see ur posts and u dont see mine... She goes ok I got it.. We can just block each others feed... I go umm ok... And then she gets teary again and says... I dont think we should be friends or hang out and if stay in touch it should be very rare cuz she don't want to give me the impression that we are ever going to get back together..(that felt like a double barrel to the chest)... She says I think its the best decision for her... I hold her hand.. She rubbing my head a lil...I go... I know I should go.. But I'm skerd once I leave we may never do this again or see each other... We cryed... It start to rain... She say u gotta go or u will get stuck in this storm...i tell her I love her.. We kiss our last kisses like 10 times...I say can u say u love me one last time... She goes no.. I don't want to lie to u... I get in my car.. Look back at her on the porch... I say to her.. I will always love you... Before I can say another word.. She loses it crying and runs inside crying.... That's it.. The next day I fb her friend pleading.. She goes u need to give her her space and leave her alone if its ment to be she will come back... I'm not the one who left u...she was a **** about it..so yea .. Wtf readers.. Help this broken heart... Maybe it was the distance... Maybe cuz I don't make alot of money... Maybe cuz I'm not a college graduate ... I dont know what to do... Is this time for me to get my shit straight... She is doing the no contact rule.. I am to but I don't want to... Ugh... Help.