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    Default un-expected move by target's mother in-law

    SO you might have read this part before:
    I'm working on a girl that is in a relationship, it's a puppylove thing, her second real relationship. it has lasted 9 months so far. I'm not trying to end it, it will end naturally. I just want to be the obvious choice once it does. We fooled around once around a month ago (but her BF doesn't know she cheated, she lied. told him I made a move and she said no)

    she is currently on vacation with her family, a 3 week trip away from both me and her BF.
    Even though her BF has forbidden her from speaking to me, we have been routinely speaking over Facebook messenger. He found out midway through the vacation that she had unblocked me and threw a small temper tantrum. So she was silent for almost a week. By she came back. Speaking naturally again. Saying things like "it's too bad he feels the way he does" "I'll just have to not care as much about what he wants" and "just realize that I'm risking my relationship even speaking with you". I took all of this as very positive. And the conversations have been going normally. She's about to come home from vacation very soon. The week she comes home will be eventful. I assume she'll meet with him first, but we're scheduled to go to a concert the next day, if she will flake. I don't know until it happens. She has invited a female friend of hers to join her. So that she can excuse it to her BF and not mention my involvement so he doesn't forbids her from going or anything. But this other girl is also a flaking risk. So we'll see... later that week they are gonna have a monthly anniversary (lol, kids these days).

    All of this is being handled pretty well I think, but there has come up a new variable, which I'm not sure how it will effect the dynamics of the chess-match so to speak.

    We were speaking normally today, but then she started to reply with one word all of a sudden. I negged her and did a mini takeaway ( of sorts): "you're being boring, I'm leaving, ciao!"

    She replied by apologizing and stating that she was busy due to a snap from her boyfriend. She send me a screenshot. The screenshot showed a picture of a ticked confirmation. Her BF's mother has bought them (the BF of the target and the target) a cruise.

    She said she was still in shock. I replied "nice?"

    But then I noticed that the date on the ticket was for the 16th of June... 2016. The dumbass orders a ticket for the GF of her son, one year ahead. After them having been in a relationship only for 9 months. This breaks some big cardinal rules of vacation planning and relationships.

    I honestly couldn't contain myself. Stating: "HAHAHAHA! WOW!" "I'm sorry" "they think you guys are still gonna be together in June 2016. They're cute" "breaking some cardinal rules of planning here, but still, cute gesture" "na´ve, but cute" "hope she orders in a ticket that can be changed or canceled" "yeah, I can't images anything else :P"

    Now. I realize I could have handled that situation better. But in the moment, I just couldn't contain myself, I think this is stupid beyond belief. And I just couldn't contain myself

    She replied "I have to go, I'll reply tomorrow" (this was late at night, so fair game)

    This morning she replied "gaaaaad you're jerk" "it's not na´ve!!" "we're gonna marry one day" "but yes, didn't know how to react, I was so happy!" "it's his father's 50th birthday. So they've bought themselves tickets and for their children and their GFs/BFs" "it feels fantastic to be a part of it" "over to another subject, I've been sleeping, and you're still at work! HAHAHAHA!" ( I worked a night shift, this was very early).
    I replied: "oh but it is. But enjoy the dream while it lasts" "but it was a nice gesture indeed"
    Then I changed topics like she said over to the fact that I was working and why she was up so early. But she hasn't seen the messages yet, I assume she fell asleep again, we're talking like 5 am, 6 am kinda thing.

    Now. I've never been here, or even in a similar situation, the mother of her BF just made a big investment in the future of their relationship. I would assume she feels pressure to stay with him longer now? How should I play this? I mean it's not even the BF who has made a move here, it's the mom. Help?

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    Default Re: un-expected move by target's mother in-law

    Just go find another girl who doesn't have a man, it's not that difficult if you got game.

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