So I am working with this older girl, late 20's and I am early 20's, not that much of a gap that I care about it, I also feel quite mature for my age and therefore dont feel it would be a problem. However, we are on completely different places in our lives, she makes a lot of money and got herself a huge apartment and so forth, and I am basically at the complete opposite of the spectrum. Just got myself a temporary job and I am basically homeless, living at a hotel.

So that is the back-story, some years differ but her life is pretty laid out and on the fast-track and I have barely decided what I would like to do.

So yeah, she doesn't know about the backstory I reckon, and therefore send out a ton of signals, even though I am not the best looking MF in the world. We had some decent conversations, and she probably sees me like a person who don't take stuff too seriously and like having fun.

So the signals are during two weeks: Long eye contact, preening, tossing hair, often around even though nothing to do there, exaggerated swaying of hips, counted our age difference while she was counting something else, tries to start conversations, points knee/feet towards me, stealing glances, and the shoe dangle.

And thats the one I caught, I would really like to pursue her but somehow feel like we are at way too different places in our lives, is that wrong? She seems quite reserved towards others also. With some male co-workers who trh to pursue her she shuts them down, and often while I am there.

Could someone help me out? I would rather get with this girl than keep my job afterwards. Should I start taking her to lunch? Grab a beer after work? What doyou think is the right way to go?