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    Default Girl freeze out?

    Hello! I find myself in a difficoult situation. 3 months ago I met an HB8 and she was in a 2 years LTR with a boy who seemed to have lost all his masculine power in this 2 years, and she felt quite disappointed and bored.
    We started talking and texting, and we started hanging out together(while she still was in the relationship). She kept saying I was handsome, and interesting. She also texted me everyday. But nothing more happened, because she was in the relationship. After a month, she broke up with her boyfriend, but at the same moment something between us broke. I could feel she wasn't interested in me as she was before, and I didn't met her/texted her for a month. After that month we met again(casually) and we had a very good time together, but she told me she is enyoying some time alone.
    After that, we both went away for holiday, and we'll meet again in september.
    The problem is, I realized that I'm losing A LOT of control on this situation and she is not attracted as much as she was before. I always text her first, she sometimes stop answering my texts, and so on... I think I'm moving in the friendzone. So I thought maybe it's a good idea to freeze her out for a month and starting all over again in september. If she liked me before, maybe I can make things work again. What do you think about it?

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    Default Re: Girl freeze out?

    This is what happens when men read too much into things ( and we are all guilty of this )........ she just got out of a two year realtionship, she told you she is enjoying some time alone, and you get all panicky that she doesn't like you anymore ....... give her sometime, and re-engage with her in Sept., she just needs a little space right now
    "The purpose of our lives is to be happy" - his Holiness the Dalai Llama of Tibet

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