Hello guys!
Well first off heres a little background about me
a year ago i was in Germany, I met this girl and i was really interested in her, i screwed it up and theres that.
I learned pickup arts afterwards and i can proudly say ive kissed over 40 girls and slept with 12 so far. i had 2 girlfriends.

I still kept contact with the German Girl since shes a full 10 and really cool.
She had a boyfriend for the past 8 months. i ended my last relationship 5 months prior.
She BROKE UP with her boyfriend. i used some Boyfriend destroyer lines and it worked out saying that she made the right decision. i agreed when she bashed on him.
But i have no idea about online game. The thing is, im going to Germany Next year, im really Interested in this girl, ive known her for a while too.
since she is single i dont want her Going for yet a different guy, so how do i game her? she broke up literally 1 - 2 days ago.
I dont want to go to germany and see her with yet another guy, i dont want to make her cheat.
I rather keep her single and interested in ME.
Some of you may not agree to this but hey. Ive had girls and ive been with girls, my decision who i go for.
So how do i do this? I really need advice! Thank you all for reading (: