Hey, so there is this girl (isnt there always) and she seems to be somewhat into me. I really just need a third eye view on the whole thing. One, I dropped a sexist joke a couple of days ago, she laughed but said she didnt like the joke. I just wanted to know where she draws the line basically, I like joking about stereotypes and political incorrectness even though im not a misogynist racist bigot. I try to find humor in most things, and that is how I cope. So yeah, theres that, and then there is the thing she does is put her top fingers in her back pockets while walking away from me, she caught me a number of times looking at her ass but not called me out on it, and recently started putting her hands down her back pockets, almost feels like shes pointing downwards. Somewhat strange, but have to keep looking. How would you interpret it?