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    Default Help, I made a mistake whilst attempting to swipe an ex from her bf

    I dumped an ex a few years ago and there's been no contact until two weeks ago when she emailed me without truely explaining the reasoning. She was glued for a good few days but kept dropping the boyfriend card. I had a few sleepless nights (I'm a programmer) and fucked up the text game in a few lines, my question is: Will no contact fix this, if not how the hell do I pull her back without appearing like a clingy mf(it goes me and then her)

    Ah no worries. Yeah, that's Mogwai for you. Are there any bands you're really attached to currently?

    I'm loving Stone Temple Pilots at the moment tbh.

    Have you heard the latest Floyd album?

    I'm not really a fan
    Doesn't do them any favours

    ...Are you tone deaf?... They're musical geniuses.

    Yeah I know, I just don't like what I've heard of the new album.

    Fair enough, I guess it helps to know about intervals, it's an acquired taste. What are you doing currently?

    Doing my nails, you?

    I'm watching Korgoth of Barbaria at the moment. What's your biggest pet peeve?

    *12 hours later + another sleepless coding sesh

    Hmmm. I'm always stumped at this question but I know that I have several...

    Which are?

    no response


    What's your number I just topped up.


    I felt like smacking myself after returning to a normal sleep pattern and reading my phone...

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    Default Re: Help, I made a mistake whilst attempting to swipe an ex from her bf

    I'd love to help you but I really didn't understand anything about your current situation from this chat, make it more clear next time.. but my advice for you is
    #1 apologize/explain about that f*ck up message in a way that is most suitable for you
    #2 lie to her that a friend stole your phone and tried to pretend to be you a couple messages before your f**** up message
    #3 take responsibility for your actions without overthinking too much and acting like it never happened unless asked

    #3 is the best 1 to my mind, but like I said I feel pretty clueless about your current situation due to the fact that you made it hard to understand the whole text and your objective with her, but still #3 is how I tend to act in most situations as if if they don't like what I did it isn't going to effect me because I did/said what I though was right.

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