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Thread: she's chasing but with little invested -how to respond but not look needy?

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    Default she's chasing but with little invested -how to respond but not look needy?

    This is a bit of a convoluted question, but something has happened to me a lot recently.

    One of the places I meet girls is online general-purpose web chatrooms (not dating places). Sometimes a girl will leave daily private messages for me over a week or so, saying "hey! good afternoon :-)" or "I just got up! How are you doing? :-)" or something mild and boring in itself but the frequency obviously carries a message. I notice these PMs when I log on late at night and usually I ignore them and just start gaming away. It's a bit silly to leave PMs rather than texting or emailing, but this is what's been happening a fair bit. It happens at the stage when we are already chatting online for an hour or so each night.

    Theory says when a girl is chasing or giving IOIs, you should give her a reward.

    But theory also says don't jump through hoops. Grab the hoop and get her to jump through it. And whatever you do, don't wimp out when you get a shit test.

    Do the PMs amount to IOIs or shit tests? Or a mixture? I'm not sure how to weave the two bits of advice together in this context. Are they IOIs, basically saying she's thinking about me? Shit tests? Or signs of neediness, which isn't so bad so long as it's not pathological and I'm the one she's needing?

    As I said, usually I ignore the PMs, but I'm wondering whether there's a way I could send PMs in reply which could make some progress.

    The only idea I've come up with is the simple "missing me already?" That's an effort to see things from her point of view and establish a chase frame, but, well, it still sounds AFC. Or does it? Suggested tweaks anyone? Maybe cocky-funnification? It'll have to be something short, because otherwise I'll start looking as though I'm the needy one.

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    Default Re: she's chasing but with little invested -how to respond but not look nee

    you are overthinking this, one of the most common mistakes made my guys who are not very experienced yet. You can't analyze every single message she sends you especially when it's just a simple "Hey :-)" just game her the same as you would in real life, I personally would respond with something like "I knew you'd miss me" which often times leads the girl to shit-testing me and that's why I love it because the more shit tests you pass the more attraction you build. And NO a simple hello is not a shit test.. be in the moment instead of getting wrapped up in your head

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    Default Re: she's chasing but with little invested -how to respond but not look nee

    Dude they're clearly IOIs. She's sending you private messages. She wants to talk to you. Plain and simple.

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