Okay, this has been my first dating experience, so it's no surprise to me that things haven't worked out. In fact, it's no surprise that, even though she was very interested in me at first, she probably has close to zero interest at this point in taking things further. If you want to get a more detailed picture of what happened between us to maybe give better feedback, read these threads:



What's happening now is she's flaking when I ask her to go out. She agreed to go out today, but texted me early this morning that a doctors appointment came up and said we'd have to reschedule. So I responded "No worries. When would you like to reschedule for?' and she replied "I will let you know when the new schedule gets put up." It sounds obvious that she doesn't want to go out with me again. How should I respond to this in text and at work? We work together on weekends and can't help but walk by each other and see each other often. There's still this very awkward feeling between us when we're there together. It's even worse because I'm not a part of her social circle there, and I'm not sure if some of them in the circle even like me because I'm so shy and hardly talk to them.