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Thread: DirectIsBest's three golden rules.

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    Default DirectIsBest's three golden rules.

    I have three rules that never fail me. Follow these rules and your life will be WAY easier.

    Rule #1: If you think she likes you, she likes you. You heard me right. If you think the girl in question likes you she probably does! This rule has never failed me. Every time I THOUGHT a girl was into me she was.

    Rule #2: If she's hanging out with you she likes you. If you ask a girl out and she meets you she likes you! That's all there is too it! Women aren't dumb. They don't spend time with a guy they don't like, unless you've known them forever. If you don't know the girl that well and she agrees to hang out with you she's totally into you!

    Rule #3: If she's hanging out with you make a f*cking move! Look at rule #2. If she decides to hang out with you make a move on the first date. Don't wait, be bold! She's totally into you! Even if she denies you she will respect you more and you can try again later. Be bold!

    These three rules are soooo simple yet so many guys never follow them. Follow them and your life will be WAY easier.


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    Default Re: DirectIsBest's three golden rules.

    but what if she is a friend lol

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    Default Re: DirectIsBest's three golden rules.

    See the three rules above! haha

    But if you cannot apply them to the situation because you're too close to see the scenario fully then you have to size up the importance of that friendship and weigh it against what you're willing to manipulate about the friendship to get what you want

    For example, every guy I know that every made it though middle school knows how bad it sucks to start getting feelings for your best girl friends. Some of them got sappy and tried to make a Disney story of it and every one of those guys got shut down while their targets were chasing after some edgier persons attention. If you're too availible you're going to have to ignore your instinct to keep yourself from hurting her by not being there for her to lean on and let that be somebody elses responsibility while you are publically being avalible for other people. When she complains about it I always turn it back on her and either try to kiss her or ask if shes trying to say she has feelings for you. She will probably say something along the lines of No I want my friend back which implies that shes feels a disconnect in your friendship and is unsure why. At this point I usually tell her that I am her friend and if Im not meeting her requirements then she needs to reevaluate what being a friend means because i surely am not putting people that i care about in friendship boxes of what they can and cant do for me. (Even though I am) This is reverse psychology, more specifically reverse projection.

    Everybody has a proverbial bubble of how close they want to be with someone. They see it as a fixed ratio but in reality it is an exponentially compounded variable when the harmoney of the relationship in question is put through turbulance.

    Heres what I mean:

    Place your palm on your buddys shoulder. Tell him that is exactly how closee and distant youd like to be.

    Now tell him to try to get any closer but dont actually let him move past your palm

    Immediatelly you can feel the pressure of them getting closer on your palm and it pushes you away because you're keeping that boundry on him.

    Now tell him to try to pull away but dont actually let him get farther away from your palm. You are now chasing after him

    Now tell him to switch it up, try to get closer and farther away for 30 seconds. Chances are the back and forth uncertainty of their pressure on you will change the position of how far or how close you would like to be from him because of the unsteady momentum of his advances and withdraws. (Ie your palm doesn't know where the new boundries are and is trying to anticipate any new pressure yet to be delivered)

    Now I understand this is a bit of a stretch to bring this analogy back to how to deal with friendships with women (If there really is such a thing and not just guys befriending potential mates to keep closeby in times of uncertainty) but my brain likes to make odd parralels to strange metaphores when explaining something. Understand that I am still trying to help.

    The point of the exercise is to actually see how boundries become blured when peoples equilibriums are disturbed. They may only see you as a friend until you're backing away in which case they either chase after you or let you go. (Meaning you werent important enough to them to chase you and you need to demonstrate more value publicallly in front of them)
    The other part of this exercise is to realise that you posses these boundries too so you can witness first hand how disturbing the harmony of the current boundries of your friendship could, in turn, result in an undesired growth or reduction to your own boundaries.

    Apologies in advance for the spelling errors to any of you pointdexters out there
    Hope this helps

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