Heyya hope it goes well,

In the past several weeks, I've been trying harder to master my game and I started going to places with quality girls that I would personally find attractive. So I started going to events of my own country and culture.

Sure enough I hit the jackpot ... more than ever before so I can't complain as I am happy with just all the eye candy itself

For me that was step 1. But sure enough , it wasn't that easy, I seem to encounter lots of problems when I want to enter a set and while I am in a set. I have thought of some solutions but I wanted to hear some expert advice based on these situations, for my next one.

I may get mixed reviews because none of you know me, but I will try to explain the main points as accurately as I can for your understanding. ( Just remember when reading that, I come from a conservative culture)

Main Problem Areas

Problem 1

Most of these girls have groups that are hard to enter unless you already know someone from their group and know the group as a whole. The reason why is most if not all of them have their super cautious parents with them, perfect right?

- The mom or dad is with them and they are glued to them. I saw a woman today holding her very pretty daughters hand taking her everywhere she goes not letting her go at all. To be quite honest my solution to this was that I just started gaming the mom a bit as well, but 100% of the time they will figure it out, usually its cool but I know it won't always work. But the dad I wouldn't really try because, 9 times out of 10 I'm very sure I will be told to f*ck off, especially if I started talking to their daughters. Unless I know some members of the group which disarms everyone in it before hand entering these sets are very difficult.

You may say maybe I should try and experiment, but even experimenting has consequences as you will understand in just a second.

Problem 2

- Talking to, to many girls will pretty much blow my cover with everyone. Everyone talks a lot and word travels quickly to my parents, this makes my family and I look bad and dlvs me and makes all the other parents even more pre cautious about me. Its a huge embaressment to my parents, hence experimentation has many issues that can't be solved so easily. (I know being seen with a lot of girls will dhv me with all the others but it has many drawbacks in these situations)

Problem 3

- All the people that I do know with good relations with hot daughters already will also think differently as they to will find out. (Being known as a player in my culture is a very big dlv) I mean yes I can just try and mix it up and game the whole room more portion of the time but over time the patterns will emerge and the parents will not like it overall, developing the wrong opinion about me.

The one solution I thought of was to start going to some of them on my own alone so if they talk begins it won't reach my parents ever or as quickly lol. However, if there are families I know at them which 80% chance there will be I'll do my best to figure it out when the time comes. (I mean I'm just a young man hitting on some young woman the right correct way through courtship, how big of a deal can it be right? However again, if I get with a girl my loyalties will be under suspicion, which is another issue I wish to avoid, being calculative is annoying but its what I have to do it seems.)

Now I'm just wondering if any of you have any helpful thoughts on everything else, I'm looking for some people who are genuinely trying to be helpful and are experienced pros. No half - ass answers please