Hello Everyone!

So Heres my question:

Whats an Ideal Gift For a Birthday to a girl?
A - She is your Girlfriend
B - She is Not Your Girlfriend, You Met her Recently (few Days, Weeks)
C - She is not your Girlfriend, But you Know each Other For a long time and you are Interested in her. (Months, Years)

Im Going for "C"

So Last Year I made her a Birthday Video, which mostly involved Talking and Text, She Cried saying how no one ever did that for her ETC. so its coming up again and since I started Learning PUA, i thought, if i make another video It might seem NEEDY.

I think its a good idea to always do something special and stand out from everyone.
- Chocolate
- Flowers
- Birthday Card
- Bracelet

Everything is Obvious Here. The video Was Unexpected and had an Emotional Impact.
What would you recommend doing?