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Thread: Is she gone for good? Should I try contacting her?

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    Default Is she gone for good? Should I try contacting her?

    This girl I work with asked for my number because she thought I was cute, and so we went out three times over the past couple months. I made many mistakes, and there's too many details to include them all, but I basically lowered her attraction from like a 7 or 8 to a 3 (out of 10). At first, she was pursuing me and initiating texts. Now, she cancelled our planned date three weeks ago, offered to reschedule, but never got back to me when I asked her to when she figured out her schedule. Thing is, I didn't contact her at all either in this time period because I think not waiting for her response comes off as needy. Now, I am wondering if perhaps she was testing to see if I would contact her first. Why? Because I'm very shy at work and don't talk to her and, even since this began, I didn't pursue her much at all. I initiated like 2 texts and called her once. I think she may have read this as me being not interested so she wanted to see me show more interest. However, I think this may not be true because, had the dates went well, she would still be trying to contact me anyway, right? I never kissed her on any of the dates, but I did try when we went out after work. We were in her car outside of work and I stroked her hair telling her how soft it was and, right after, she said she should get going and offered me a hug instead. Was this because of it being a bad location for the first kiss? We had a nice long hug though. I think it's over with her. Last time at work together, she said she accidentally broke her phone so she couldn't get back to me. It's an obvious excuse, but I didn't call her out on it. I just said it's no big deal. She did however, touch me a couple times nonchalantly on the hips and back at work. I'm not saying that means anything, but do you think she's gone for good? Should I even try contacting her and asking her out again? This really sucks. She's an HB 10 in my eyes. I almost can't get over it and keep regretting mistakes I made with her. I have Oneitis, but you wouldn't blame me if you met her.

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    Default Re: Is she gone for good? Should I try contacting her?

    She didn't kiss you because you didn't not built enough attraction since you were being wishy washy, girls are attracted to guys who are confident, to the point, and know what they want ...... location doesn't matter
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