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    Default The Question Game

    So ive Found this Game, I do believe it was From Mystery I cannot remember

    But here it is.

    You Tell the girl to play a game.
    "Lets play a game."
    "I will ask you a question, you will ask me a question, You cannot ask Boring questions, You have to be 100% honest and you cannot repeat the same question"

    And you should always ask "How many boyfriends have you had?"
    And it will MOST OF THE TIME. go sexual.

    examples "How many girls you slept with? (; "
    "How many girls have you kissed?"


    Anyway, just putting it out there, it works in your favor a lot (:

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    Default Re: The Question Game

    Cajun from Love Systems teaches this game really well. It's the question game and it's great because it allows you to steer the conversation somewhere sexual quickly.

    The rules are simple. You take turns asking each other questions. Once a question is asked, the other person can't repeat it.

    Ask a couple of fluffer questions first like "what do you prefer? Cats or dogs". The goal is to go sexual as soon as you can. Only one or two of these so that she gets the point of the game and doesn't get bored.

    A good question to get off the table early: "How many lovers have you had?"

    It sounds better than "how many guys have you slept with?" It also gives you the opportunity to backtrack if she's uncomfortable answering, you can clarify that you meant boyfriends." Cajun's reasoning is that her answer doesn't matter, it takes the question off the table and she can't ask you. Depending on her level of sexual experience she might think your number is too low or too high. Best to avoid it if possible so you don't DLV yourself.

    The idea is to gradually make the questions more sexual as she answers them.

    If she's not asking you sexual questions back, then decrease the sexuality of the questions.

    Other Questions

    "What's the craziest place you've had sex?"
    "What's your biggest turn on"
    "What's your favourite place to be touched?"
    "What colour is your underwear?"
    "Have you ever had a one night stand?"
    "Favorite sex position?"

    When done correctly you can close the game with questions like:

    "How good of a kisser are you?", after she answers say "let's find out"

    I've played this game from time to time and I find women get really turned on by it. I've F-closed a few girls from playing this game!

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