My question isn't really directed towards Game, more social skills in general, but I used to be very interested in the art of pick up, and Im hoping to divulge back in, hopefully improving myself along the way.

I currently live in Thailand, over the past 4 years I've spent ~18 months here, and will probably spend at least the next 6 months in Thai. I have a rather tough problem, I have few friends here(having english speaking people that stay >1 month that are younger than 65 as you can imagine is fairly rare(Im 25)), and those that I have either don't like nightlife, or have a child and can party less frequently than I would enjoy. That leaves nights in which I go out alone, pretty much if there is a football match on, ill watch the match then go to a few bars.

My problem isn't with getting girls(at least its not the main problem), its Thailand and girls here are not exactly picky, so getting laid etc happens often , but, Its my general demeanour that I'm worried about, I can feel myself almost avoiding confrontation, my body language is terrible, I found myself looking down at my phone for the majority of the night, I approach girls almost never, and when I do start chatting to one, my behaviour is not of which I would like to display ever. In short, I'm socially retarded. When I'm home(Ireland), none of the above traits would be used to describe me, I'm relatively confident and take pride in being able to interact with others.

There is couple pretty large hurdles that cause to form this new awkward human,

1. Im alone: so not having friends around to converse with and enjoy myself obviously is going to make life tough.
2. Language: I don't speak Thai, you may think thats incredibly lazy of me after 1.5years, but Thai is a very tough language, with almost no similarities to English, there also happens to be little to no decent learning aids. Most Thais speak a little English, so it also makes it easy(er) to be lazy as I don't need to worry about ordering food, etc.

Ive recently decided that id like to improve the situation, I love living in Thailand and this is the only thing that is holding me back, I'm focusing more on posture and body language, and started looking for a Thai tutor, but after that Im at a loss at where to go.

Anyone have any tips for improving my social skills whilst alone in a country where the average person knows <20 words of my native tongue? :P

If you made it through the wall of text, congrats, and thanks regardless.