So i have been doing the CUBE GAME and the 4 Question Game, Number game (3, 7) On most of my class, everyone seems amazed and i touched every single girl in class now.
By saying "give me your hand i wanna try something" they always do, even i did the Bullshit Palm reading where i said "this means you like pizza, this means you are lazy"
Aswell as one of the girls let me Touch her neck and pull her hair because i was telling her about the best sexual spots. And that happend in Class, while mostly everyone was present.
I got the girls number by giving her my phone and said "Here, put your number in here, ill text you later about Blah blah blah"
I took a walk with 2 of the girls talking about Tribes from 40k years ago how people acted As alpha males and Beta males.
and i keep touching girls when i get the chance, i tried taking a girls hand sitting next to me and put it on my knee, she took it away instantly. while laughing though. she seemed confused.
other girls are way more open with me touching, back for example and the hair pull girl.

So far i think its going great! im experimenting with KINO and so on! (:

Any other advice maybe?