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    Default Libido and pickup

    I have some kind of hypothesis about correlation between libido and man's ability to communicate with girls.

    I think that if we could measure man's recovery time after orgasm, we'd see that most successful pickupers have least recovery time or even zero time (can have 2-3 orgasms in a row without loosing their erection). I mean on the average of course, not in every particular case.

    This idea did not just appear in my mind. I've had some experience in my life. Let's say I had some kind of illness and then i healed. It was a GREAT boost to my libido (via testosterone i think) and at the same time communication with girls (any age, and in fact not only with girls but with guys too) became so f***ing simple. I just became comfortable with any group, stopped thinking what to say etc.

    So what do you think, does this make sense?

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    Default Re: Libido and pickup

    It makes sense, now what sucks is when you have that libido, but lack the communication skills...

    That's what leads to frustration and even crime.

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