So, I have a very distinctive style of fashion, one which stands out. Women usually dig my style and I receive a lot of compliments for my fashion sense. However, I live in Mumbai, and am one of the very few guys over here to dress like this. I totally stand out from the crowd. When I was in the UK, or HK however, this was the norm. I like looking good and dressing up for myself. It is therefore not completely unusual for chodes to pass smarky comments like, "are you cold?", or "Why are you wearing so many clothes?"

I usually don't let it affect me, and pass it off as jealousy, or just pure ignorance. Tomorrow however, I have an interview lined up with my friend's company. So, tonight, my closest friends made me sit down for half an hour totally bashing the fact that I wear jackets, and said that I'll become a laughing stock, if I wear jackets to office. They were downright mean in the way they put it and made it seem as though I'm just sort of clown who doesn't fit in. I know as a fact that a lot of girls in my college had a crush on me cause of the way I dress, some told me themselves, and I got to know about the rest through other sources. It therefore really irked me when one of my best friends retorted with "which girls?", when I brought up the fact that at least the girls liked my style.

I know that this should not bother me, and naturally, I should be confident enough and comfortable in my own skin, to not let such comments get to me. However, the fact that this has bothered me so much, makes me believe that I suffer from some serious self-esteem issues. This is precisely why I've always struggled in relationships, and tend to get too attached. I know I should be icy in the face of AMOGing, but I have never faced it from my closest friends before. One of them was drunk, and so, ends up being downright dominating when he's high.

Just wondering how I can overcome this and deal with such situations in the future. I know this sounds real chody, but this incident has been a real eye opener for me, and since self-esteem, is a major component of innergame, I would really like some help with this.