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    Default I dated a girl that is 5 years older than me. Everything was perfect except

    So, i went out with a girl that is 4 years older than me. She's 30 and I'm 25. she's tall, beautiful, independent and she got recently out of a relationship. we went on couple dates and everything was going great, there was a lot chemistry, laughed, kissed, holded hands, and she told me many times that she couldn't believe I'm just 25.

    After these the second date, she disappeard for a week, and I got really busy, and when I checked on her, she texted me:
    "you are amazong, just too young for me and because you're so great i was too much of a coward to tell you. I'm really sorry it wasn't fair to just disappear"

    I tried to tell her thing around the line that age doesn't matter, but it was obvious from her text that she didn't want. Here, I told her if she knows any girl she can introduce me to, since qulaity girls also hangout around quality girls she laughed and she said she would totally introduce me if she find me someone. Now, my question is, is it okay to ask her to hangout even as friends. I mean this girl was really cool to hangout with i had a lot of fun. I'm thinking to text her either:

    1) "would you like to hangout as friends later this week, I feel into flirting with someon, and I thought I practice my skills on you "

    2) " hey x, i was thinking we both are awesome, so why don't we hangout together even as friends.I never been to downtown X and I thought we discover it together"

    what do you guys think? thank you

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    Default Re: I dated a girl that is 5 years older than me. Everything was perfect ex

    sure go for it, you can use her to open sets more easily, just make sure that you/she doesn't start catching feelings for one another, if you believe that problem won't occur, then I'd personally send text #1

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