Hi guys,

One thing I've notice that happens a lot with me is a situation like this: on my way to work (walk) there always some girls that recognize you from let's say the day before and start looking at you everyday you pass by her.

The thing is that when you approach her and talk , it's the same behaviour: sorry I'm in a rush and blah. Yes probably true because they are heading to work, so fine. I then thought, someday if by chance I meet some of them in a more relaxed environment I would try to start conversation. Guess what, similar behaviour.

Another thing that is interesting is: if I would meet them because we have someone in common, then no problem at all.

Well, what I'm about to conclude is that approaching someone out of nothing has a better probabiblity to work in countries where people are less brain washed to follow the Matrix (yes the movie) where you do what everybody does and what is supposed to be accepted by social norm.

But since I hate those kind of people I'll keep trying until I meet someone out of the Matrix.???