in my AFC days I was seeing a girl who was on the edge of breaking-up with her BF, the whole affair lasted about 2-3 months, I was suppost to be her prince charming, yet while the beginning was great, it didn't last for long due to my previous completely AFC behavior, needy nice guy who always kept saying that he doesn't deserve her and.. well you get the point, I think my behavior even helped her fix her relationship because while running from a wolf she stumbled upon a lion who was even worse. He didn't care much about her, and only started to when she was getting buyers remorse, while she was the only thing in my mind 24/7. 100% AFC behavior, yeah, I know, although I learned a lot from that relationship I'm definetely very happy to not be the same person I was back then. About 8-9months have passed since she decided I am of no need to her, we chatted on some occasions, even met up a few times because I told her I had something important to say, even though all I wanted was to ask her what was the bigges turn-off for her, thank her for the experience and oftell her that I'm not mad at her for giving me false hopes (because she felt really bad for ending it with me) yet I couldn't say the words, being all paranoid for some unknown reason, again - yeah, I know, AFC written all over my fore-head. As time went on, our conversations became stale and she showed completely 0 interest for my well-being, yet when I wrote a post on my Facebook wall that I've changed my number, she was the first to ask me for it, never called or anything but was very excited when I gave it to her. Our last conversation was pretty funny because I thought I'd just fark around, talked about how well we're doing, and told her that she has had some influence on my newly pro-found mindset, she wasn't intrigued, after I stated that "I know you're curious how you're involved in this" all I got was "seen", I litterally started laughing. After our whole "fling" came to an end, she never contacted me, until today. She sent me a snapchat, added a selfie on FB all dolled up and liked a few of my FB statuses, all that - the same moment, coincidence? I think not. She obviously tried to get my attention, mission success! I had posted a few things, that could have gotten me in the back of her mind.

FB post #1 "a boy didn't want a big shiny red ball, god gave him one, he didn't appreciate it, he took it and gave it to a kid who wanted it, suddenly the boy felt the urge to get it back. Moral of the story - humans are complete farking idiots."

FB post #2 about how people break up with their partner, begin talking mad stuff about them, and 2 days later they're back together

So yeah, long story short - she obviously wants me to contact her for some reason, and I'll be doing so in a 3-5 period, any advice on how I should proceed? No talking about feelings, love, how you miss the person and anything of that order, rather how to make it casual and intriguing, I have very little experience with text-game