I didn't do the fifty approaches yet, but here's my night out...

I spent my entire day before I went out planning this business that I think (know) will be worth multiple millions within a few years.

When I go out, I can see the "hottest" girl dancing to some song and I just think she looks stupid compared to all that.

I also think to the last time I hooked up with a girl, which was a few days ago. It seemed like it was HER getting lucky, not me. So, I have to bend over backwards and break my neck to have sex with girls that get more out of it than I do? Why would I even want to go home with any of these "hot" girls unless they're going to slobber all over my dick like a porn star like that girl did a few days ago. And her only complaint was that I didn't eat her out for long enough and that's because I just met her. I like to be cautious.

Other guys in the place all seem stupid. I don't desire to get to know any of them. Not even the owner of the bar.

These girls still won't know my "business" value if I don't talk. And I don't talk even when they're standing right next to me. They could practically be doing everything in their power to invite an approach invitation and I still wouldn't say anything.

If I did the fifty approaches at this point, it would just be insincere compliments. I actually feel like saying the opposite. What I feel like saying is "your ten pounds of makeup means absolutely nothing."

Even if I was the most successful businessman on Earth, a girl still wouldn't have sex with me if she wasn't physically attracted to me. I started doing 200 pushups a day, which is really easy and gets you big really fast.

If I ever met one of these girls, I feel like I would live a life of ignoring them for my business and they would be bored.

As far as the other guys in the bar... I don't know how successful they are. Just because they are dancing with a girl doesn't mean they are going to fuck her and even if they fuck her, it doesn't mean they are any good. I have no idea what goes on at the end of the night with these people, all I know is that there are way too many "hot" girls hanging out with guys that aren't me, even though they don't look all that hot when it's one on one.

She could have ten pounds of makeup caked on, but she could still be unemployed or a call center representative for all I know.

The last girl I talked to (in February) had a dad who was a billionaire.

It struck me as odd or significant all the "sweet talk" and tender kisses on the mouth that people give each other in public. I don't ever see myself doing that or even wanting to. All the dance floor stuff just seems like an unnecessary prerequisite to sex in these people's minds.

Do you think it would make me cool if I bought a nice car like a Rolls Royce or would no one care at all?

Every so often, you will see one guy with three girls. You know he's not fucking them all. What does he have? Is he their protector?

That's my pointless night where I still didn't even learn a single girls name, but realized that I care very little to with all the ones that I saw. Some of them were okay, but I think the majority of them were probably not worth my time to get to know.

Something is telling me that I'm going to have to get a little angry to be successful at this and that I do need to put just as much effort into it as I put into my business even though I find the business to be more important and fun.

This may seem like a completely pointless post, but I think my attitude has changed significantly over the past few days.

Another important thing is that I need to start bringing nicotine gum with me because when I drink, I smoke. And I can't be smoking. That will take 20 years off my life.