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    Default How to Tell if a Girl is Interested?

    Okay, I know this sounds like a "noobish" question to ask, but it's trickier since I'm shy right now. At my work, I've had several girls try starting conversations with me. Some go out of their way to try to talk to me even though we work in separate areas of the restaurant. Most of them are the waitresses and I'm a fry cook. Now, I know that doesn't technically mean anything if they're going around talking to every guy, but they're not. I was wondering if a girl would do that because they see me as shy (sometimes I can come across as a dick or just simply unconfident because of not what I say, but how I say it...saying words with no confidence and doubt in comes off bad. Not always the case but )....maybe they feel sorry for me or are just trying to open me up. I don't know. Maybe they're just being friendly but, again, I don't see them going out of their way to talk to other guys working around me. I'm good-looking and I think that's the only reason why they may have interest. Anyway, I know this is no big deal or anything, and I should just try to talk to them, and I do try to when they talk to me, but it usually doesn't go anywhere. I say a few things in response then end the conversation and get back to work before I stand there awkwardly because I don't know what to say next.

    A thought that came to mind is it a good sign that a girl has interest in you if she seems nervous when she tries talking to you?....Sorry...I know this is "noob" question and you must think I'm in 4th grade for asking this just asking anyway. ;P

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    Default Re: How to Tell if a Girl is Interested?

    There are a few categories you'll need to be aware of so you can spot who is who...

    A friendly girl - Smiles/laughs and talks to a few people but will also chill and hang back and just observe/be quiet too.

    A flirt - Should be very easy to spot as she is loud, flits from man to man and gives IOI's and seeks attention/posts tons of selfies on FB, etc.

    The girl genuinely interested in you - Makes excuses to keep walking by/talk to you, drops a LOT of hints about events and places she goes to, gives you things, jokes and flirts with you and no one else, feet and body are facing you when she's near you, she mirrors you at times/a lot, touches her face/hair and you.

    Hope that helps somewhat. Study up on body language if you can, I've found it invaluable.
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