These are the pertinent things that happened tonight...

I was opened by a girl because she saw me holding my chest. She asked if I was okay. I told her I drank about 6 energy drinks that day. She showed me something on her phone of a bodybuilder who died from liver cancer from drinking too many energy drinks. I sincerely thanked her and will stop drinking energy drinks. I never found or thought of a way to extend this or try to escalate it or even know that it would have been appropriate.

I noticed that some girls had guys around them that you could only describe as "white on rice." You could describe the girls as passive and in my guess, the guy was actively leading it to sex the whole way. I would venture to guess that these couples had known each other for some time. In my mind, I could give these girls better sex than these guys, I am probably more stable financially and have a better financial future ahead of me, and also am tougher than these guys. I am about to start doing MMA and I have been working out every day. I could (hopefully) be a better protector. At this point, I would not know how to get past that "white on rice," shield, which sucks because I would love to have my cock in these girls' mouths.

Other than that, I am now of the opinion that there is no such thing as the "friend zone." This is somewhere that I want to be and is a necessary precursor to sex, so long as you don't stay there. To put it differently, I need to show that I am on their side and don't pose a threat to them, which is something I've had a problem with lately, especially being a stranger who goes out by himself.