Many of you who are new to PU have the same problem - lack of confidence. You read all types of books on how to "get it" thinking there's some sort of magic pill that's going to help you. The truth is no, there's no book that's going to make you confident nor there's a pill for that, sorry. The key to achieve confidence is either to be completely stupid and not be aware of the possible negative outcomes (not recommended) or to get the courage to develop competence.

Objective + Courage = Competence = CONFIDENCE.

It's that simple, this is the "recipe". This is why people tell you that AA is beat by actually approaching. You are going to have to get the courage and do the thing you're afraid to do to achieve confidence, there's no other way, so why not do it now? I'm not talking about just AA but everything in general, in-order to have legendary confidence and be fearless - you have to face your fears.

This is a short post for those of you who seek to achieve confidence in any area of your life, who are still searching for a magic pill.

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