There's this Facebook target I've had my eye on for a while now. So I wrote a post about how she left her number online and I was going to message her but then....

A kink in the chain!!

So here is how it went.

Part 1
Broke up with Ex on facebook
Followed Ex-BF's on facebook for sh!ts and giggles (and to watch their miserable breakup haha)
Ex-BF has lots of hotties and I do not (he stole girlfriend steal his girlfriends haha)
Friend all the hotties
Friend a hottie (contrary to limiting beliefs in hopes of circle of other hotties due to EX-past experiences. 1 hottie giving supply of more hotties/abundance)
Friend the hottie of the friend
Run game on said hottie
Acquire target (big boy pants)

Part 2
Don't message said hottie on facebook (due to past experiences of getting blocked, getting flamed, put on blast, ignored, lower value, etc)
Follow rules of the HB10 (there are no rules in other words anything goes and at the same time use smarts)
Comment on target's wall (to increase presence without leave douchey messages in her inbox)
Target unresponsive
Make *new* move (send FB invite to concert *half-assed attempt not whole hearted*)
Target emotionally responds!! Writes emotionally charged message on FB wall same day as my invite coincidence or hrmmm!! Not, I THINK NOT
Engage target doesn't respond to whole hearted message but likes comment.
Target posts "Come see me" invite to Bachorlette pad
Failed to launch (due to puppy dog syndrome)
Target responding to FB wall messages (good! not normal behavior!)

Part 3
Target behaving to my limiting beliefs (no pics with other guys/stops being thirsty but was thirsty)
Target liking comments (unbeknownst behavior)
Target's number listed online (wait to engage!!)
Number acquired
Rolling through Snapchat and find target, add target on Snapchat
Target adds and snaps of own volition twice (feeling boss)

Part 4
Engage target!! (via number)
Hesitate (to sleep on it)
Ready set text.....
and then...
Perfect pickup means timing is everything (plowing gets you nowhere but doing what you want gets you to the melting pot!)
Sign into facebook one last see her face one last time (before facing possible rejection the reality of the game when texting a girl)

Target's friend (social proof)
sends unusual invite for thanksgiving with beer pong.
Unlike the *normal* needy behavior (of asking about target to target's friends I just basically befriend the potential cockblocks)
Friend is married pretty much so no actual game going on but knowing the *friendship* of the two target will likely be there! Or see me going there harty har!!

Part 5
Ready for launch hold off on texting (due to possible rejection) and instead launch to party member's invite!
Friend of the target says it is on just bring beer.

So my target could very well be there or see I am going there. Looks like I am due for launch! Let you know how it goes. Now this is really getting to be a fun game! Hope my target shows (without me asking will create more value and hoping my target will see this post and RSVP) then I will really be vamped up. Can't wait!