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Thread: Need suggestions: how to develop a persona that women love

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    Default Need suggestions: how to develop a persona that women love

    I recently experienced something that has convinced me that I need to change a number of things in my life. I sat down and wrote out my goals; one of them was to become a man that most (90%) men want to follow/feel the need to please and that most (90%) of women are attracted too. I know these are very ambitious goals but I have met men who are this way who are in no way inherently superior to me (physically attractive, intelligent, etc), and I have concluded that it all comes down the persona that one cultivates. This is something that can be learned and I have endeavored to master it.

    I don't want to rely on routines or any sort of canned lines which are only situationally relevant, I want to develop the confidence and skills with interactions that is part of me and is relevant in every situation, with women I want and men, whether I want them as friends, followers or threats rendered impotent.

    I need suggestions on where to start, I know I need to come off as confident, funny, intelligent, etc but I'm looking for a guide or system to break it down into manageable pieces and possibly a community to provide support. I realize this is a very ambitious goal but I am committed to putting in the effort and time to achieve it, whatever is required.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions: how to develop a persona that women love

    Ima start with this, Everybody's definition of a "Man" is different, be it provider, protector, intelligent, funny, dedicated, caring, not giving a F*... One girl may want a macho protector to defend her on all counts where as another woman wont want an altercation and just laugh at the other guy... one woman may want a provider where another will be career focused...
    all these traits plus many more make up a person in which women prioritize differently. Dont focus on becoming a "Man" focus on bettering yourself, being confident and creating your own identity if running game isnt exactly what you wanna do.
    Like all the other threads, you wanna be the guy women want to talk to, you gotta go to the gym, dress well, groom well, smell good, get hobbies and make friends.
    You quite literally have to not give a f*** about failure and just approach girls and talk to them, you can use all the pick up lines in the world but if you cant just walk up to a girl... say HI, my name is **** How are you today... well then dayum....
    You dont have to try and get into EVERY girls pants. If you just talk to girls about nothing... OTHERS WILL BE WATCHING.
    A good place to start... Get Correct. Read a news paper and if you REALLY wanna go that extra step. read something girls are into.... then just go start conversation lad.
    Pay attention to what they say and go from there.
    I mean personally Once you open be playful, neg and go from there.
    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Need suggestions: how to develop a persona that women love

    True, above poster had some great information to put in. Becoming a new man isn't something that will happen overnight dude, you gotta chip away at it. It will be ups and downs, smiles and frowns. But in about a year you'll look back at that little fucktard you once were (sorry that's just how I see it from the MASS amount of improvement I've made), and be proud at the man you are becoming. Never stop learning.

    Now there are specific fundamentals that you need to learn, which are specific to each person. Shoot me an email and I'll skype with you man, I am a pretty good teacher, I started mentoring when I was 8 (honest).


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