I am trying to do a bit of a Karma Cleanse here (to raise my Karma) and get better Karma into my account. I believe the Lord is the one paying people back according to their Karma.

I feel like I really struggle with the HB10. I dunno why.

I cannot call them. I cannot just *wastefully text them* I feel like I will just somehow ruin things with them so I play my cards perfectly. The problem is I am getting good at it. Darn good.

I am a sucker for what I see so when I see true beauty I am a sap and I cannot help it. It is a weakness but I use it as a strength.

They cannot threaten me because
10 more wait at the Bar

They cannot entice me because
The hairstylist waits for my call that never comes

They cannot trick me because
They are my trick and again I have the power of abundance (though Summer limitations)

I love when they hate because
I will never debate

I will only find the hottest suns, the blackest skies, the brightest corners, the deepest song

It is because of this when I eclipse a woman (on approach) they acting like the Juliet to my Romeo the Stars to my Sky. Like I really am Prince Charming and it's defeating me because where do I draw the line.

I am getting too good at this I need to really harness this power.

Not only have I upgraded from my last GF I found myself a true challenge. I am not worried for myself. I am worried for someone else. Can I just break hearts so effortlessly when they are the jewels of my treasured mysteries?

I am seeing myself becoming something....it's not happened yet but the lights are starting to shine. The lines of communication. The Law of Attraction. The results of success of hard work.

Now is nearing the time to reap the harvest. But where do I take it? (Glad I ordered Neil Strauss's new book the Truth that will really really help!!)

But still the danger of them always thinking I am prince charming makes me look like I can never be normal.

My Problem is not finding a chick it is finding a chick I like. But I found one. I finally found one.
But that is not my point. It is beyond contention. It is like this.

I found this chick and she has everything I want. But I am still a Pick Up Artist and a damn good one. I am laughing inside because this chick is digging hard but I am wondering at the same time. Cuz you know I am always boss every Summer. LOL if a girl thinks she can hold me down or flake on me for one second cuz like I said I can make it happen like magic any night in the Bar with the hottest of the hot. But I still want that adventure. My adventure skills are becoming even more supreme! But then I find this girl or that girl and I fall for them at love at first sight but deep down I know I will eventually move on and they are nothing to me. But to them they see this thing moving places? My EX-GF always talked about future plans until finally I said no more plans! I am done.

So this chick I am crushing on is crushing on me. I am using everything I learned and everything I do has started to make an impact. I crush it at the Bar I kill it at the Bar. So I moved to Daygame my fear and I was dry humping and scoring chicks left and right in no time. So I wanted to get good at this online stuff and was getting really far with online dating right before becoming a misogynist and getting banned for life.

So I stole some of my EX-GF's BF's Girlfriends (not in revenge but merely a rouse) and then added a chick (contrary to limited beliefs) that was like married and this made no sense at the time. But due to the abundance mindset I had from my first real Pick Up GF gave me access to more chicks in her social circle. So I figured like the same thinking (She's like married but I bet she has hot friends). The thinking was right as soon as she added me I scrolled through her pics and got one of a really hot friend.

The friend added me right away. About 4 months ago. Due to the immediate falling outs on facebook (due to instant messages or tags after adding) I decided to go incognito and watch from a distance. I used nicknames indicating interest of play names I use. And then things progressed. She put her number online (passive IOI i read it) still haven't texted her to this day (she is HB10 and really waiting for the right time and actually trying my new bait and swithc theory of them hitting me up first). Well she did hit me up first like I was predicting with bait and switch on snapchat.

It's like I have waves of good connection with her. We'll have a convo on her wall. We'll snap each other. We'll like each other's comments.

She will act according to my limiting beliefs for her (not show interest in anyone else)

I mean at first there were guys everywhere. Now it's like she has sunk into this shy infatuation. She's not busy bruh she's shy as hell. An HB10 shy as hell of me. Yeah lately that's my issue building comfort with 10s because their problem is not liking me it is having the guts to talk to me.

I get it.

Why when I asked her to Pre-Game today (totally bossed out) would her friend answer for her 4 hours later "No she is with the Fam" they are besties so I think they texted about me and she was so shy that she had her friend tell me. She was creeping my Snapchat.

So I was like okay good good those things are all good. She is writing cryptic messages about me when I invite her places (like the EX).

So I talked to the Bestie today. I have this theory learn from your mistakes. One time a long time ago at band camp....

I msgd the bartender (friends over a year) to message the Cocktail Waitress that our love was needing to be made manifest (I was desperate) I was blocked by the Bartender and flamed by the Cocktail Waitress and then blocked by both again and then told by security I was an internet creeper. These chicks were my friends and everything went to hell (okay not as bad as it did at Church pre-pickup)

So I learned lots of drama goes down on Facebook. Just like the Stripper well.

With this chick I am playing my cards right.

So instead of saying "Hey bestie does target like me?" like my old bastard child self
I said "Hey I was only coming because of target so I will hold off tonight"
Bestie/Cockblock says "Yeah! Target is at the Fam! No Worries take care hun!"

So my cool non-needy behavior of not talking about the target to the Cockblock (because after all the bartender probably screwed me to the Cocktail Waitress) I was just telling the Bestie I wanted to buy her alcohol and chill with her. Completely opposite!

So if they did talk the bestie and the target major cool points for me not being desperate and target is keeping super hard now and ignoring what other guys do its weird like I get on and she acts like she gets on to check me or something. Well either way I have to close them now no matter what. I just wanna keep the free spirit. We'll see what happens. Either way I don't care I have diminished her value. She is not important to me. She needs to pursue me like I said. But next time they throw up the signal I am going for it front and center.

Not F'in around anymore. I am afraid of commitment cuz these tricks are always trying to get me to settle but not afraid no more.

See the target is great because now my online game is finally there. I have her number for when I need (drunk at the bar in the Summer) but the trouble is she keeps creeping and keeps liking on me and trying to push things (like sending invites to bachlorette pad) which granted I wasn't ready for and failed to launch so I felt bad and was like if she wants me that bad then surely she'll pre-game and then she goes all quiet and shy like a typical girl.

So I know something is up. Doing real good. Gaming her through friends and events and whatnot. (Different than every other guy on facebook just posting stuff to her wall like morons to which she ignores and I giggle at)

Why does she like me
Why does she behave like this
Why does she dream like I dream
Is this pick up mastery or mystery
So I threw some cryptic sh!t up to talking about her sign and stuff indirect on my wall without a tag.

I think she knows I am crushing
She is definitely crushing but why? So many guys. I went through her pics a new guy every month and then I come along and POOF. Like on freeze. Why can't I make these chicks mine. I am always able to freeze the competition but always one step behind. One day I will be ahead that is (any summer haha) and she can play all she wants because Summer I will be with 10 tricks and she cannot do anything to take that from.

So if she can get all these guys. Why. Why me. She can get all these guys and suddenly one day I come along some chode on facebook and her sun ceases to shine and she covers her head with the cloak of desire. I don't get it. Go! Get another guy! Why make this hard for me!? Why trouble me like this, she is doing it on purpose. At least Summer I'll find relief. Like always. I wish I could say she will be sorry but I am the one that is usually sorry go team me.