I literally have no idea where to start. Its understood that one must know a little about my background to fully help me in my situation & I would hate to miss out crucial information. Anyways, I haven't really been serious with game or picking up girls, I learned a bit of this material in 2012 but I know I'm still a beginner. Although, all my life I never struggled with getting women attracted to me or even escalating, PUA caught my attention when I reallly wanted to heighten my sexual experiences with women in my group. I've always been super popular, people have loved me everywhere I go, intelligent, outgoing, caring, loving on several occasions i've even been called perfect that sounds swell and all but BEING a person like that has a lot of pressures in your social group and at the time mine was very large. I needed a way to get better and quick. During the time of my search I was losing my confident outgoing self and in hopes of reclaiming my previous ego I scurried through some game material. It probably made me worse getting girls but because the truth was finally revealed to me how I was getting my results. It took me a long time to accept it & everything I believed in myself was crushed. So, but upon my tenure I was able to pull chicks left from right (I am 21) my body count is 20 girls in the last year and a half, but I still feel as something is missing. Its easy for me to gain attraction but its very hard for me to be emotionally invested after I fark the girl, I could be very interested have a bunch of things in common, I might even say I love the girl. But Im emotionally numb. It could probably stem from my ex girl friend who left me to dry when we we're three months into our relationship. Whatever it is idk what to do. All the women I date are 9-10's. So I know what I want now. So I recently just met this gorgeous 10 and its like now I don't even have to say a word, they just assume we're dating & I actually really like this one but I am so emotionally numb I don't know what to do... Shes in love with my mind (Sorry I sound so redundant its late) but she hasn't been showing the love I want. Im even becoming a AFC to the point where I get mad when she doesn't keep in contact with me. She says sorry I had a long night, or Im naked. Or something along those lines and I get heated, this girl is gorgeous so I know for a fact men are pursuing her at her college we've only went on one date butttt she's establishing our relationship as something more, I would always get good morning text from her& goodnight text. Shes giving me the playette vibe and its making me insecure as fark. I want to switch the frame but its starting to get awkward and Im hoping she would just confess her love for me already, I havent fucked her she gave me LMR but I K closed grabbed ass, titties the whole 9 yards. She hasn't been giving me the vibe I want, so I pretty much stopped talking to her. What can I do to switch the frame? Should I continue to text her or wait for her to text me? I learned to much from my previous relationship I cant be more invested than the girl, how can I make her invest more?