Hi PUAs!

I'm in trouble I know..I've been totally friendzoned :/

I know that I should have more options (girls) in the future and I will continue working on that, but now lets focus on the story:

So I met a girl a while ago in a common friend party and we noticed that we work near each other (like 10-15 min walk) so we agreed to have lunch together once or twice a week.
Our meetings started with small talk conversation and then improved to me making jokes, touching her face and hands, having a walk in the park after work and having dinner.
Then I decided to start escalating more and during one lunch together she said something like "that girl is very cute" and I answered "well, I am standing here with the cutest girl of the area, I'm like trying so hard not to jump on top of the table and then kiss you right now during 10 minutes without interruptions. We will get famous in our companies if somebody sees us"

And she replied: "Well, that would be weird because we are friends" and I said "Yeah of course ahah" (but thinking..F****** ARGHH!)

I decided to continue having lunches together with her because if not it would seem like I was only there to fuck her and failed..
But now I'm start feeling frustrated, so I skipped our 2 lunches last week because I was "busy lunching with somebody else". She said "Ok no problem, see you next week, dont miss!"

Now, I think I will keep missing our lunches and she will notice that. When she calls me asking if "everything is ok?", "you look different" or whatever, I will reply "everything is great dont know why you are saying that..silly"

But after that, what should I do if she insists..should I tell her that I was expecting other things and I dont feel confortable with the situation?
Is there any way (or words) that could make her understand the real reason why I dont want to keep meeting with her without me not having to say that directy and lower my honor?