It's kind of a cliche story but this is my story.
I used to be terrible with girls and I mean every aspect of it from the approaching(or not approaching, since I had severe AA) to talking with them and basically everything.
I got tired of it, decided to change something, gradually I became better, mainly through trial and error, later on I also found the pick-up community while I was already doing okay with girls and honestly at the beginning didn't really help me because I was changing my personality traits too radically I was getting off as in-congruent but nevertheless I found tactics that best suit me and what I already was, so at the end the pick-up community helped me. I believe that negs and being a dick to the girls all the time is very low-life and only acceptable if you are a beginner. Actually that's not confidence that's just a substitute for your insecurity, I have a very broad definition of confidence which I'm going to leave for another post - my beliefs aside, let me continue.
All of this mainly happening in the course of 2.5 - 3 years.

So lately I haven't had any trouble with my confidence, nor my inner game but this is what happened. I met this girl a couple of months ago while I was dating someone else and at first I had no interest in being with her - because I was with someone else, actually I was kind of seeing 2 girls and I was okay on that field so my approach was friendly. And we became really good friends with her I supported her through one of the toughest times in her life having some family issues that I wouldn't wish to anyone, and later on or should I say now, she supported me through a real tough period of my life balancing university, multiple business and community development projects I'm involved in(I like calling myself an entrepreneur, since the definition of that word varies) and having my ex-best friend(whom I have known for 14 years and I'm 19) backstabbing me(in a figurative sense of the word), so we developed this really deep mutual-understanding relationship and sometimes we basically talk for hours and hours.

So basically right now I'm facing two problems which I hope you can help me a bit, since here are many experienced people both in terms of life and Pick up.

The first one is and kind of an obvious one, I have developed some feelings for that girl since we are together almost every day and I believe that I haven't developed that much rapport or a deep relationship with anyone in my life. And I know that she considers me only as a friend since she talks very openly about her past relationships and we were at this party together and she went out with another guy, I don't blame her for that, I know that if I was interested in her in a sexual sense from the beginning I would've had a different approach and right now I wouldn't have been in the "friend zone". I know that the decision about jeopardizing the relationship we have right now for something more is mine but any advice is very welcomed both in terms of how(since this is a field that I'm not very familiar or experienced with, by that I mean escaping the so called friend zone) and also in terms of is it the smart thing to do.

The second one is my inner game. I have a little trouble with my confidence not as much in terms of girls but more in terms of other situations. Lately I was at this conference and I had to approach a certain individual with a business proposal and I had an anxiety attack, my hands were shaking, cold sweat and I started losing my voice. This hasn't happened to me in 3 years. I know that everything that has happened lately + her, has influenced my confidence a bit, so any advice about that is very welcomed. And I think I'm starting to lose control both in terms of girls too, yesterday I acted like a regular AFC which really really disappointed me since I promised myself, never again.

I am very grateful and if you want to know more either about my experience with PUA or this situation, just let me know!