Hey guys, so recently, I was PLANNING on approaching this girl at my campus. I found out she was a acquaintance of my friend. He told me that her past boyfriends were all tall white boys, I doubt those were all fuck boys because I actually knew one of her ex, and he is not a fuck boy. Meanwhile I am not a 8,9,10/10 on looks and im considered short, although I am about 1 inch taller than her. I had my hopes and confidence up, until today when my friend told me that her past boyfriends were all white boys, which from that I already knew my chances with her would be low because of her physical appearance standards. I'd say im a average 7/10. I've been studying PUA for the past months and I have learned a shit ton!

My question is... would game help a lot in this situation? How can i increase my chances with a girl like her with high standards on physical appearance? Usually i hear that when a girl doesn't find a guy physically attractive, then already from that point on, her mindset of being together with that individual is almost non-existence. Unless he is a mutual/close friend