Hi Pua Forums,
It's my first post at this forum. I'm great at building rapport and getting phone numbers. Getting dates as well. I'm also great at getting kisses within a few hours of the date. Confidence alone is my greatest trait in PUA. The ability to confidently ask for a woman's phone number and scoring a date. However, beyond that: I fail at everything. But not enough sexual or emotional escalation that blasts me on the long term dates. I've never survived more than 2-3 dates in the last year.

Lately I've been on a hate campaign on Facebook and it seems girls are getting their brains and warning each other about myself. I'm stuck with not escalating and even kissing women to show them that I did them for the fear of being labeled as a sexual predator and being kicked out of bars. None of these are true. I feel like some women are more of the stalkers that are harassing me and going out of their way to tell my potential dates and friends that I'm a bad person. There has to be a stop to this.

Last night I went out to a club dancing and then I got this girl's phone number. Let's call her Athena. I had added her (on FB) a few weeks before. I met her for the first time and didn't recognize her and then she said "really?!" as if wondering why I didn't recognize her. Narcissist in my opinion. Then she started mentioning some facts about herself then we clicked. I got her number and we were going to at least go out in the future.

Somewhere down the road late at night I went home to find out she unfriended me on facebook. I texted her the next morning just to see if she was as mad as she was when she unfriended me as I don't want to waste time in the future. Come to find out, she tells me that I have the wrong number and that I should remove her number. I cross-checked her phone number that she gave me to facebook and it was her. I'm thinking because she saw my photos with other women in facebook and her misfortune with guys below is what concluded her to do this.

Lets backtrack a few weeks back:
She has a best friend by the name of Jane. I had worked with Jane for a photoshoot before through Bob and everything is supposed to be a professional relationship. Bob and I went dancing the night before and Athena came into conversation. Apparently this same Athena got a guy kicked out of a club for trying to escalate things with her. Her best friend is also said to distance herself from her as well. I had added her on Facebook weeks before not knowing Jane and Athena are best friends. And not knowing this fact.

Athena is the best friend.
Jane is the model.

Athena started messaging me complaining that I didn't mention Jane in the photo. I said I was wrong for it.

Going back to the present moment:

I realized that Athena started to unfriend me after last night and getting her phone number. I am concerned that Jane will not work with me in the future professionally anymore. Better yet, I'm concerned that Athena will try and get me kicked out if the rumors are true that this same Athena yells out rape for any guy trying to make a move on her.

Was I wrong knowing that Athena and Jane knew each other? Should I have followed what my friends have told me? Does a player have to stop gaming on chicks if they know some of your good business connections?

I am faced with several women who have been hurt in the past by other people. It seems like these women are kind of taking things personally and they have a radar of being gamed. I was wondering if there's a way to kind of find a new field of interest or at least recovering your bad name.

I read from the Mystery Method and some book that a month should give a time for a girl to give you a second chance. But how does clear their name or if things go wrong? How does one survive as a player if other women are warning them about you when you haven't even done anything in the past that hurt a women?

Then you have the AFCs who are listening to these hurt women and turning against you because they see YOU as THEIR enemy for taking their so called women and they become their puppies.

I know it's time to move on but I'm hitting on three strikes and the people around me are noticing it. Should I actually stop posting on Facebook about the women I have been with? Isn't it good that I'm showing I'm active and sociable?

I'm tired of how AFCs say how all the PUA are getting all the ladies. However, whenever the PUA is closed down of their ladies because of AFC men and even women. How is this a fair game?

Any new strategies out there?